New Musical Express | May 1963

No. 851 3 May 1963  
(cover page) 4 Great LP’s: Joe Brown – Live 1, Lawrence of Arabia, Bobby Rydell - All the Hits Vol. II, Ray Martine – East End, West End.
Brenda’s Marriage: Surprising Facts Revealed!
How’s Your Group I.Q.?
Alan Smith Billy J. Kramer Adds to Liverpool Chart Invasion! 2
n.a. Watch It – Sinatra Senior Warns Frank Junior 2
Mike Hellicar Chantays Are Schoolboys 2
Nat Hentoff U.S. Airmail 2
Ian Dove Quizzes Shadows, Tornados, Beatles, Jet & Tony, and Gerry & Pacemakers.  Top Acts Explain the Beat-Boom 3
n.a. Coming Up Fast!  Susan Maughan.  She’s New to You. 3
n.a. Cliff’s Frisky “Lips” 4
Allen Evans LP’s 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Paul Anka, “Remember Diana” (RCA)
Kenneth Cope, “Why Am I So Shy” (Pye)
Shirelles, “Foolish Little Girl” (Stateside)
Heinz, “Dreams Do Come True”, (Decca)
Freddy Cannon, “The Ups and Downs of Love” (Stateside)
Sam Cooke, “Another Saturday Night” (RCA)
Kingston Trio, “Reverend Mr. Black” (Capitol)
Polka Dots, “Run Run Senorna” (Philips)
Bobby Rydell, “Hey Ev’rybody” (Pye)
Potted Pops, “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” (London)
NME Top Thirty
1.  “From Me to You,” Beatles (Parlophone)
2.  “How Do You Do It,” Gerry and the Pacemakers (Columbia)
3.  “From a Jack to a King,” Ned Miller (London)
4.  “Nobody’s Darlin’ But Mine,” Frank Ifield (Columbia)
5.  “Can’t Get Used to Losing You,” Andy Williams (CBS)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “You Do You Do It” (Dick James)
2.  “Say Wonderful Things” (Ardmore & Beechwood)
3.  “From a Jack to a King” (Burlington)
4.  “From Me to You” (Dick James)
5.  “The Folk Singer” (Skidmore)
n.a. Connie Francis Royal Show? Major TV for Brenda Lee
Andy Williams on ‘Juke Jury’
Maurice Chevalier’s ATV Guests
Groups at Gala
‘Oliver’ Wins Major Award
Cavern Club on TV
More Radio Dates for Top Groups
British Hits Out in U.S.
n.a. Donegan Film Project May Postpone Hollywood Offer 6-7
n.a. Gene Vincent in Vaughan Musical
Elvis LP Revised
Davis LP ‘Salutes London Palladium’
Acker Bilk Band Sought for US.
Dee Dee Sharp on ‘Saturday Club’
n.a. Snow Came Thro’ Roof as We’ve Played ‘Am I Blue’ 8
n.a. Wink’s Disk Makes an Amazing Chart Come-Back 8
n.a. Radio Luxembourg and AFN Highlights 8
n.a. Beaty Welcome for Jerry Lee Lewis 8
Mike Hellicar The World Writes about Our International Springfields 9
Ian Dove Leyton Package Features New Mike Sarne 9
n.a. From You to Us 9
n.a. The Beatles Tour List
Roy Orbison Tour List
Mike Hellicar Keeping Brenda Lee’s Secret Has Been Tough! – But Now He Can Reveal the Story behind Her Marriage 10
Acker Bilk Maori Girls Rubbed My Hooter Raw 10
n.a. Adam Faith Takes It Easy 12
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
n.a. Record of the Week! Hands Off, Stop Muckin’ About 12
  Jeremy Hogan, Spring 2008  
No. 852 10 May 1963  
Cover Cliff, Shadows, Ifield in Spain 1
Ian Dove Welcome to Ray Charles 2
Mike Hellicar Broken Arm Led to Disc Fame 2
Mike Butcher Miki and Griff Learned Hit in Nashville 2
Gordon Irving Now Glasgow Belongs to Max Bygraves! 2
Derek Johnson In Spain with Cliff, Shadows, Frank Ifield 3
Allen Evans LP Reviews
Billy Fury [Decca]
Chris Montez: Lets Dance, Have Some Kinda Fun [London]
Ruby and Romantics: Our Day Will Come [London]
Sam Cooke: Mr. Soul [RCA Victor]
Connie Francis: Follow The Boys [MGM]
Dance To TV Themes [World Records]
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Ray Charles: “Take These Chains from My Heart” [__]
Billy Fury: “When Will You Say, 'I Love You'” / “All I Wanna Do Is Cry” [Decca]
Buddy Greco: “Make Up Your Mind” / “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” [Columbia]
Al Martino: “I Love You Because” / “Merry Go Round” [Capitol]
Vince Hill: “As It Was Written” / “Is There Anyone at Home” [Piccadilly]
Don, David, Dean: “Well You Started It” / “Nevertheless I’m in Love with You” [HMV]
Glenda Collins: “I Left My Heart in the Fairground” / “I Felt So Good” [HMV]
Steve Perry: “My Dad” / “Find Me a Girl” [Decca]
Sammy Davis: “Be-Bom” / “A Man with a Dream” [Reprise]
NME Top Thirty
1.  “From Me to You,” Beatles [Parlophone]
2.  “How Do You Do It,” Gerry and the Pacemakers [Columbia]
3.  “Scarlett O’Hara,” Jet Harris-Tony Meehan [Decca]
4.  “Nobody’s Darlin’ but Mine,” Frank Ifield [Columbia]
5.  “Can’t Get Used to Losing You,” Andy Williams [CBS]
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “From Me to You” [Dick James]
2.  “How Do You Do It” [Dick James]
3.  “Say Wonderful Things” [Ardmore and Beechwood]
4.  “From a Jack to a King” [Burlington]
5.  “Nobody’s Darling but Mine” [Peter Maurice]
n.a. Galaxy of Pop Stars in Scots Royal Show
Now ABC-TV May Make World Heath Series
Star Gala [Autograph signing on Battersea Festival Gardens]
Sinatra and Brenda Lee on Hope Show
Nat Cole Tour—10 Dates Set
Ray Charles Returning
Cymbal Tour
Eagles in Martin Film
Four Seasons Fly In
Sarne Quits Tour for Stage Role
Jet and Tony for Africa
Aussie to US
Max Miler Dies
Elvis Presley Disc Session
n.a. Chart-toppers to Australia? [Beatles]
New Radio Pop Show
After Baby, Bassey Goes to Australia
Sinatra, Martin TV Guests of Sammy Davis Here?
Major Beatles TV Date Fixed
Pacemakers Follow-Up
Ford and Bruce in Pub Series
Top Groups on Lucky Stars
Minstrels Go West!
Haley returns in September
Mike Hellicar Roy Orbison Comes Back Here to Sing [Britain, performance, pop singer, applause, screams] 8
Alan Smith Andy Williams Explains Why He Didn’t Do a Palladium TV 8
Alan Smith A Dramatic Boone in Thriller 8
Alan Smith Fans Prove Label Wrong about Cochran [Eddie Cochran, 'My way,' Liberty Label, impact] 9
Alan Smith From You to Us Inspired “From Me to You” According to the Beatles [Beatles, Helen Shapiro, Billy J. Kramer] 10
Eric Woodward Two ‘Houses’ Shouted ‘We Want Jerry’! [Jerry Lee Lewis; Birmingham] 12
  Mike Jaffe, Spring 2008  
No. 853 17 May 1963  
(cover page) [Elvis Presley, Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, Cliff Richard, Ray Charles, the Beatles, and Billy J. Kramer on cover for variety of different stories] 1
N.A. Lifelines of Gerry and the Pacemakers [various details of each band member’s life including birth date, hobbies, favorite singers, etc.] 2
Dove, Ian Too Hard a Job for Ray Charles? [discusses a disappointing performance for Ray Charles’ first British concert] 2
Sampson, Gordon Polished Seasons [positive review of the Four Seasons’ performance at Wakefield ABC] 2
Evans, Allen Gives You a Track-by-Track Report on the Latest Elvis LP 3
Johnson, Derek Jet, Tony Branch Out in Show Business [Jet Harris and Tony Meehan discuss their musical career post-The Shadows and their ambitions to tackle new musical territory] 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviews
Pat Boone, “Memory Mountain/Lovers Lane” (London)
Jerry Lee Lewis, “Teen Age Letter” / “Seasons of My Heart” (London)
Paul Hanford, “Just When I Need You Most” / “Judy” (Oriole)
Kiki Dee, “Early Night”/ “Lucky High-Heels” (Fontana)
Kenny Lynch, “You Can Never Stop Me Loving You” / “Crazy Crazes” (HMV)
Billie Davis, “He’s the One” / “V.I.P.” (Decca)
Danny Street, “Only Love Can Break a Heart” / “Cold Cold Winter” (Philips)
David Thorne, “One More Fool One More Broken Heart” / “Don’t Let It Get Away” (Stateside)
Darlene Love, “(Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry” / “Playing for Keeps” (London)
Debbie Lee, “(Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry” (British  version) / “Sometimes I’m Happy” (Parlophone)
The Avons, “Love Should Be True” / “All about You” (Decca)
Dave Duggan, “Dance Puppet Dance” / “Just One More Chance” (Columbia)
Fordyce, Keith Potted Pops:
Steve Allen, “Gravy Waltz”/ “Whistle Baft”  (London)
Maori High-Five, “South Sea Tamoure”/ “Now is the Hour” (Columbia)
Volcanos, “Polaris”/ “Scotch Mist” (Philips)
Mary Wells “Laughing Boy”/ “Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right” (Oriole American)
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Our Man Series-[multiple albums, various artists, showcasing various stars around the world] (RCA Victor)
Brazilian Jazz Bossa Nova- Les Kaveka and his Tahitian Band plus various other orchestras.
N.A. Best Selling LPs in Britain
1) Please Please Me, The Beatles (Parlophone)
2) Summer Holiday, Cliff Richard (Columbia)
3) It Happened At the World Fair, Elvis Presley (RCA)
4) Reminiscing, Buddy Holly (Coral)
5) West Side Story Soundtrack (CBS)
6)  I’ll Remember You, Frank Ifield (Columbia)
7)  Just for Fun Soundtrack (Decca)
8) Girls! Girls! Girls!, Elvis Presley (RCA)
9)  Sinatra-Basie (Reprise)
10)  All Alone Am I, Brenda Lee (Brunswick)
NME Top Thirty
1.  “From Me to You,” The Beatles (Parlophone)
2.  “Scarlett O’Hara,” Jet Harris-Tony Meehan (Decca)
3.  “Can’t Get Used to Losing You,” Andy Williams (CBS)
4.  “Lucky Lips,” Cliff Richard (Columbia)
5.  “Do You Want to Know a Secret,” Billy J. Kramer (Parlophone)
NME Top Thirty in U.S.
1. “If You Wanna Be Happy,” Jimmy Soul
2. “I Will Follow Him,” Little Peggy March
3. “Puff,” Peter, Paul, and Mary
4. “Surfin’ U.S.A.” Beach Boys
5. “Foolish Little Girl,” Shirelles
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “From Me to You” (Dick James)
2.  “How Do You Do It” (Dick James)
3.  “Say Wonderful Things” (Ardmore & Beechwood)
4.  “From a Jack to a King” (Burlington)
5.  “Nobody’s Darling But Mine” (Peter Maurice)
N.A. (Announcements)
“Pat Boone Films Here in July But Connie Francis Alters Plan” [Pat Boone films Strictly Personal near Dublin, while Connie Francis postpones filming her first British film to allow time for starring in a Hollywood production instead]
“Freddie and Dreamers for Yarmouth Sundays” [group signed for ten Sunday concerts at Yarmouth]
“Duke to See Darren Film” [Royal charity premiere of James Darren’s Diamond Head. Duke of Edinburgh to attend.]
“Robbins to Visit?” [possibility of Marty Robbin’s first-ever UK tour]
“Acker Bilk on ‘Go Man Go’” [solo appearance on program]
“Jerry Lee Lewis May Come Back” [possible return for three-week UK tour]
“Same Title—But Different Song!” [regarding both the Tornados’ and Pinky and Perky’s song “The Ice Cream Man”]
“Presley Co-Star” [Ann Margaret to co-star in Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas]
“Jet and Tony Concerts Set”
“Newley to Make Two More Films” [discussing Anthony Newley]
N.A. “Frankie Vaughn Panto Set Springfields in his Film” [The Springfields and other bands to be featured in his film It’s All Over Town]
“Beatles, Pacemakers and Kramer Heading Two Tours” [Beatles to headline one British tour while Gerry and the Pacemakers to headline another simultaneously with Billy J. Kramer]
“Shadows Release” [Shadows to release single called “Atlantis,” composed by Jerry Lordan]
“Monro Joins Forsyth in ‘Birthday Show’” [Matt Monro and Bruce Forsyth to star in Coventry Theatre’s 26th Birthday Show]
“New Pop Panel Show” [entitled Dad, You’re a Square]
“Here They Come” [Millicent Martin and Alma Cogan signed for AR-TV’s Here Come the Girls]
“Joins Pickwick” [Teddy Green joins the musical Pickwick]
“Revue’s Try Out” [Annie Ross-Oscar Brown revue Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am begins a week’s try-out]
“Wynter Joins Show” [Mark Wynter added to ATV’s Bob Monkhouse Show]
“Ray Charles Returning?” [possibility of a second British tour]
Ruddy, Jonah Ann Margaret Shines in ‘Birdie’ Film [Margaret’s talent in Bye Bye Birdie] 8
Butcher, Mike Del’s Duet Not for Sale! [Del Shannon and Johnny Tillotson record a cover of the Beatles’ “From Me to You.” Article discusses how the song cannot be released because each singer is on a different label. Also talks of Shannon’s current tour plans and appearances] 8
Smith, Alan Cribbins in Space [small clip on Bernard Cribbins’ comedy film Mouse on the Moon] 8
N.A. Buddy Holly’s Father Sponsors New Group [new group called the Holly Hawks includes ex-Crickets member Nikki Sullivan. Bottom of article includes “Star Quote” from Dion”] 8
Sampson, Gordon Four Seasons Gave Up Holiday to Come Here [Talks about the Four Seasons’ last minute trip from the States to England to perform on a few limited dates. Gave up holiday to do so.] 8
Johnson, Derek Frank Ifield, Susan Maughan Embark on Palladium Adventure [talks of the actors’ opening of Swing Along at the Palladium Theatre. Article also devotes small section to Bob Wallis, who is bandleader for show] 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail [includes blips about Nancy Sinatra’s plans to star in A Young Man’s Fancy and Ray Charles’ record sales reaching $8mil the previous year. Also has small article entitled “Gina Wants Frank—or Nothing” on how Gina Lollobrigida refuses female lead in Two for Texas because she only wanted to star opposite Frank Sinatra] 9
Smith, Alan Alan Smith Talks to Billy J. Kramer Who Admits Singing was Forced on Me! [discusses how singing was not part of his original intentions and reflects on the difficulty of getting used to being in the spotlight] 10
Thomson, Ken Manchester Fights Back with Freddie and the Dreamers [talks about the group from Manchester who, at that time, entered the NME charts in the wake of Liverpool successes like the Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers and several others] 10
N.A. From You to Us 10
N.A. On “Thank Your Lucky Stars” This Week [includes the Countrymen, Dickie Pride, Heidi Bruhl, Jimmy Young, Peter Jay, the Beatles, Shane Wallis, and Al Saxon] 10
N.A. Classifieds 11
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [small news snip-its include “Chubby Checker may twist with Dee Dee Sharpe down the aisle” and “Acker Bilk has recorded Bud Flanagan’s “Underneath the Arches”] 12
Gray, Andy Shirley Bassey Does a Lap of Honour! [Bassey runs into audience after performance to open London’s Talk of the Town for the season, shaking hands and kissing ringsiders] 12
  Stacey Kahn, Spring 2008  
No. 854 24 May 1963  
Cover Fats Domino, There Goes (My Heart Again)
Ned Miller, Go on Back, You Fool
Gerry and the Pacemakers, I Like It
N/A They All Agree 2
NME Lines of… Billy J Kramer 2
Mike Hellicar Are Helen Shapiro’s Trips Hurting Her Chart Chances? 2
Andy Gray Truimphs from Ifield in Palladium Revue 2
John Ware New-Look Adam in Variety 2
Derek Johnson Billy Fury Talks about the Critics Who Panned His Latest Hit! 3
Hal Wallis A New Man of Elvis 3
Bruce Charlton Roy Orbison Explains Why He Is Nashville’s Odd-Man-Out 3
N/A Russ Conway Scores a Sheet Music Treble-Top 4
N/A Trumpeter Red Allen Shines in the Kid Ory Show 4
Keith Fordyce …Forecasts Hit for Gerry
Jimmy Justice, “Guitar Player” (Pye)
Roy Orbison, “Falling”
Bobby Vinton, “Those Little Things” (Columbia)
Ned Miller, “Just Before Dawn” (London)
Eydie Gorme, “Don’t Try to Fight It Baby” (Pye)
Julie Grant, “That’s How Heartaches Are Made” (Pye)
Duane Eddy, “Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar” (RCA)
Nat “King” Cole, “Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer” (Capitol)
Shane Fenton, “Fools Paradise” (Parlophone)
The Tornados, “The Ice-Cream Man” (Decca)
Steve Lawrence, “Poor Little Rich Girl” (CBS)
Brook Brothers “I’m Not Jimmy” (Pye)
Allen Evans LP’s 4
N/A Potted Pops 4
NME Top Thirty
1.  “From Me to You,” Beatles (Parlophone)
2.  “Scarlett O’Hara,” Jet Harris-Tony Meehan (Decca)
3.  “Do You Want to Know a Secret,” Billy J Kramer (Parlophone)
4.  “Lucky Lips,” Cliff Richard (Columbia)
5.  “Can’t Get Used to Losing You,” Andy Williams (CBS)
N/A Mathis Signs for Mercury
Lance Cuts Single
Sinatra Film Release
From Merseyside
Pop Liners
Acker Bilk in Vaughan Film
Kenny Ball Makes Third Irish Tour
Ronnie Carroll “Big Night Out”
New Releases
“Girls” Dated
Castle, Cribbins in ATV Plans, and Mark Wynter Palladium Show Debut on Sunday
Broadway Musical Bid for Donegan
Orbison Reeves on TV
Stevens in Musical
Ifield “Saturday Club”
Garry Dad on Panel
The Dreamers’ Radio Debut
Davis Album Delayed
Leyton to US
Richard in Big Demand
Within the Fringe
N/A Beatles, Kramer, Jet and Tony on Sundays
Katty Lester Dates Here
Billie on “Scene”
Group Gets Radio Show
Max Back to Talk of Town
Britain Gains First Grammy Song Award
Presley Cuts New Discs on Monday
Re-United on “Stars”
TWTWTW Stars on “Juke Jury”
British Pop On Radio Munich
Shapiro for “Lenny”
Dakotas Cutting First Solo Disc
Ian Dove Paul and Paula Make a Frank Statement about Marriage 8
Chest Rael Paris Falls for Cliff and Gene 8
Mike Hellicar French Star Records Here 8
Ian Dove “I Don’t Know What Is the Real Me,” Admits Ray Charles 9
Allen Evans LP’s 9
Chris Hutchins Roy Orbison Takes Audience by Storm 9
Ian Dove Bobby Rydell’s British Recording Hits the Bull’s Eye 10
Michael Gregory Elvis “Fair” Film is Lots of Fun 10
Nat Hentoff US Airmail 10
N/A Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12

Kelsey Kassell, Spring 2008

No. 668 30 October 1959  
Cover The New Eden Kane
Duane Eddy: Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar
Gravy Waltz
Roy Orbison Makes Amazing Statement about Beatles
NME From You to Us 2
Derek Johnson “My Songs Must Make Personal Contact,” Says Mark Wynter 2
Mike Butcher Jane Morgan Had "What Now" First 2
Advertisement "Daily Mail" International Jazz Festival
New Grafton 10G Trumpet
Peter Jay & Jaywalkers, "Poet and Peasant" (Decca)
Advertisement Italian Musical Instruments Exhibition at The Italian Trade Centre 3
Chris Hutchens Roy Orbison Says, "The Beatles Could Be Tops in America" 3
Advertisement Winter Gardens, Margate: Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, 2nd June 3
Keith Fordyce Picks Next Pop Hits
Kiki Dee, "Early Night" (Fontana)
Eydie Gorme, "Don't Try to Fight It, Baby" (CBS)
Steve Lawrence, "Poor Little Rich Girl" (CBS)
The Tubby Hayes Quintet, "Sally" (Fontana)
Frankie Laine, "Don't Make My Baby Blue" (CBS)
Marty Robbins, "I'm Not Ready Yet" (CBS)
Dicky Valentine, Lost "Dreams and Lonely Tears" (Phillips)
Tony Allen, "That Little Touch of Magic" (Phillips)
Eden Kane, "Tomorrow Night" (Fontana)
Everly Brothers, "It's Been Nice" (Warner Bros.)
Four Seasons, "Ain't that a Shame" (Stateside)
Rick Nelson, "String Along" (Brunswick)
Marty Robbins, "I'm Not Ready Yet" (CBS)
Bachelors, "Charmaine" (Decca)
Craig Douglas, "Danke Schon" (Decca)
Lance Percival, "Fivera Cayf" (Parlophone)
Perry Como, "Don't You Forget It" (RCA)
Allen Evans LPs
We Sing the Blues (London)
Comme Secombe CA (Phillips)
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. The Beatles, Please Please Me (Parlophone)
2. Cliff Richard, Summer Holiday (Columbia)
3. Elvis Presley, It Happened at the Worlds Fair (RCA)
4. Soundtrack, West Side Story (CBS)
5. Buddy Holly, Reminiscing (Coral)
6. Billy Fury, Billy (Decca)
7. Sinatra-Basie (Reprise)
8. Various Artists, All-Star Festival (United Nations)
9. Frank Ifield, I'll Remember You (Columbia)
10. Hats Off to Dell Shannon (London)
Advertisement Listen to Alan Dell's Showcase on Radio Luxembourg
Group X (Fontana)
NME Top Thirty
1. Billy J. Kramer, "Do You Want to Know a Secret" (Parlophone)
2. The Beatles, "From Me to You" (Parlophone)
3. Jet Harris-Tony Meehan, "Scarlet O'Hara" (Decca)
4. Cliff Richard, "Lucky Lips" (Columbia)
5. Roy Orbison, "In Dreams" (London)
6. Billy Fury, "When Will You Say I Love You" (Decca)
7. Andy Williams, "Can't Get Used to Losing You" (CBS)
8. Del Shannon, "Two Kinds of Teardrops" (London)
9. Ray Charles, "Take These Chains from My Heart" (HMV)
10. Gerry and the Pacemakers, "I Like It" (Columbia)
Advertisement Gerry and the Pacemakers, "I Like It" (Columbia)
David Thorne, "One More Fool, One More Broken Heart" (Stateside)
NME Sinatra to Sell Out?
Tony Osborne Rejoins EMI
Presley's Latest Titles Named
Deaths of Music Men
Vocal Groups Busy
Musicians May Strike
Ketty Lester Dates
Duane Eddy Definate for Autum Shows
Kramer and Beatles- More Major Dates
Shane Fenton to Meet Princess
Pete Sellers on 'Juke Jury'
Billy Fury's Palladium Debut for Charity?
Advertisement Congratulations Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas on Reaching Number One in the Charts With 'Do You Want to Know a Secret' (Parlophone)
New from EMI
Advertisement Acos Stylus
Up Magazine
East Coast Jazz Festival
Alan Smith Benny Hill Is a Big Disc Fan 8
Alan Evans EPs
Cliff Richard, "Holiday Carnival" (Columbia)
Julie Grant (Pye)
Springfields (Phillips)
Jess Conrad (Decca)
Helen Shapiro, "Tops with Me" (Columbia)
Clint Again (Oriole)
Susan Maughan (Phillips)
Tornadoes (Decca)
Mike Hellicar Ireland Captures Jim Reeves 9
Christine Gordon Donegan Gets Blackpool Summer Season Rolling  
NME Who's Where  
Advertisement Fabulous Pictures of Cliff Richard  
Derek Johnson Cliff and Shadows Open Europe's Most Luxurious Theater 10
Mike Butcher Tommy Steele Is Still a Pop Singer at Heart 10
Advertisement Lonnie Donegan, "A Very Good Year" (Pye)
Troy Dante, "The Face" (Decca)
Futurama Bassist, A New Piggy-Back Bass Amplifier
Advertisement Group X (Fontana)
Beatles' Secret in June Hit Parade
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces  
Advertisement Jimmy Justice, "Smash Hits" (Pye)  
  Adam Kelly, Spring 2008  

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