Laboratory of Microbial Biochemistry

Skidmore College


Recent News:

May 30, 2017

Summer research begins! Welcome Hannah F. to the group! Welcome back Rebecca W.! Summer group 2017: Rebecca W., Jose G.H., Hannah F., Caitlin S., Yutong L., Elissa W., Hongwei Y., & Veronica M.

May 20, 2017

Congratulations to Julie E., Meggie D. Hannah S., Arlene H., & David S. on graduating from Skidmore! Great work! Stay in touch!

January 17, 2017

We wish Emily W., Rebecca W., and Karli R. well as they are abroad this semester. We welcome Ayden Schattman, Jose Hernandez, Nicole Eckert, Yutong Li, Hongwei Yu, and Alicja Madloch to the group.

Welcome to the Sheppard Research Group!

Sheppard Group

In general, we are interested in understanding how microbes prepare amino acids for use in protein synthesis. We are also studying how to apply that understanding to expand the genetic code. Student collaborators learn not only biochemical techniques but also those in microbiology and molecular biology. The laboratory is in the Chemistry Department at Skidmore College and affiliated with the RNA Institute at SUNY-Albany.

Research Projects


Projects in the lab (left to right) include RNA-dependent asparagine biosynthesis in S. aureus and Bacilli, evolution of tRNA specificity by bacterial aspartyl-tRNA synthetases, and expansion of the genetic code. To learn more about the Research Group please look through these webpages and/or contact Dr. Kelly Sheppard or any of the lab members.