MCS Dept

About Calculus Courses

Beginning calculus: there are two courses to consider:

  • MA108/MA109 - Calculus with Algebra
    An introduction to derivatives, integrals, and their applications. Primarily for students who are not adequately prepared for MA111, this course (together with MA109) covers the same material as MA111 but integrates the material requisite to calculus with the calculus itself. Note that MA108 alone cannot be used as a substitute for MA111. Successful completion of MA108 and MA109 is equivalent to completion of MA111. (Fulfills QR2 requirement.) Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
  • MA111 - Calculus I
    Derivatives, integrals and their applications. Techniques of differentiation. Integration and differentiation of exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions. Prerequisite: high school preparation including trigonometry or consent of department. (Fulfills QR2 requirement.)

Following the introductory courses, is what is affectionately known as Calc II:

  • MA113 - Calculus II
    Inverse trigonometric functions and hyperbolic functions. Systematic study of integration. Series and Taylor series. Polar coordinates. Indeterminate forms, L'Hôpital's rule and improper integrals. (Fulfills QR2 requirement.) Prerequisite: MA111, or both MA108 and 109, or consent of department.

Students doing extremely well on this placement exam and/or score well (4 or more) on the AB or BC exam are usually advised to bypass calculus I and II and take MA200 (linear algebra).

After these levels, there are several other courses, however, these are generally taken by mathematics or physics majors (or other students who have been turned on by "analysis," one of the major fields of mathematics). MA202 is Calculus III, MA303 is Advanced Calculus, MA270 is Differential Equations, and MA323 is Real Analysis. There's just no end to the fun!