A FREE program for Macintosh computers for generating frequencies of great digital precision. (Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page)

What do you need to run "RBTENGEN"?

What can you do with "RBTENGEN"?

*RBTENGEN has been tested with a Rife/Bare Plasma type device driving a 100% argon filled bulb*

How do I get going with RBTENGEN?

Why is it called "RBTENGEN"?

Some Screen Shots of RBTENGEN in Action.

Some Waveforms and Spectra of RBTENGEN:

200 Hz Waveform (10 harmonics all of equal amplitude)

200 Hz Spectrum Analysis (10 precise harmonics)

2200 Hz 3D Spectrum Analysis (cool!)

Important Disclaimer: While "RBTENGEN" has been tested with the OM1 and a Rife/Bare Plasma Light Device, no guarantee of any kind is provided and you proceed at your own risk. This is an experimental program intended to assist people wanting to experiment with generating different kinds of frequencies, all of which have 10 powerful harmonics added to the fundamental. The program is free and provided as a service to the research community, but there is no implied warranty of any kind. Any damage or injury incurred while running RBTENGEN is your own personal responsibility and you agree to these terms when you download "RBTENGEN".

further questions, email: tholland@skidmore.edu