Fall 2017 Requirements
Learning Expectations  
1. Students will be able to identify important performers and contributors to the production of some of the most important recordings made in Britain in the 1960s.
2. Students will be able to describe how many parts of this music culture evolved through the 1960s.
3. Students will be able to make connections between the technological and social changes of this era, and the music created in this environment.
Quizzes 50%
The class will take a quiz every other week and an exam at the end of the semester.  
Quizzes will ask you (a) for the names of performers, producers, engineers, and songwriters, (b) about technological or musical developments, and (c) for the years in which songs or events happened.  
I assign grades in five percentage point increments.  
Quiz 1: 20 Sep Quiz 2: 4 Oct Quiz 3: 18 Oct Quiz 4: 6 Nov Quiz 5: 20 Nov Quiz 6: 6 Dec
Final Exam (date tba) 20%
I will construct the final exam by pulling music examples and questions directly from the six quizzes. If your quiz average and essay grade give you an average of B+ or better at the end of classes, you may choose to skip the final exam and take your existing grade. I will notify you after the Quiz 6 when I will compile your grades and include these at the end of your essay, which I will return to you by email during study break.  
Contextualizations (5 possible points for each submission) 30%
From each of the six chapters in Please Please Me: Sixties British Pop, Inside Out, select a topic (a person, a song-recording, a technological innovation, etc.). Compare what I have said in the chapter with another source, such as a relevant interview or an article. How do the descriptions compare? Who is the author and how might their identity shape what they have said or written?  
15 Sep Contextualization 1: "Introduction: Approaches and Material"
29 Sep Contextualization 2: "The Velvet Glove: The Art of Production"
13 Oct Contextualization 3: "A Question of Balance: Engineering Art"
30 Oct Contextualization 4: "Mediating Change: Setting Musical Directions"
13 Nov Contextualization 5: "The Write Stuff: Songwriting and the Articulation of Change"
29 Nov Contextualization 6. "Red-light Fever: The Musician's Life"
Write 100-200 words about each topic. Post your blog to this site. These biweekly assignments must be datemarked on or before the due date.  
Follow the MLA style for in-text parenthetical citation and for your bibliography, as described in the Skidmore Guide to Writing.  
You need to cite your sources so that a reader can confirm that (a) that you have quoted correctly, (b) that you have interpreted the information accurately, and/or (c) that the source is credible. A reader should be able to follow your sources to recreate your conconclusions.  
I will grade papers according to how they meet the linked set of Grade Guidelines.  

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