Revolution and Social Upheaval Dans les tranchées wwI
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--l'assiette au beurre
 --La Vision de Hugo
 --Zola au Pantheon

 --Les Quatre Saisons de la Kultur 
Sous les pots de fleurs
la fine blessure
pauvre bougre
les bras cassés
le cafard
On these pages you will see a series of sketches done on the spot in the grim years of 1916 and 17. The artist was Charles Martin, at the time one of the foremost fashion illustrators in France. Drafted into service, he recorded in images that are simple and decorative, yet sober and moving, the experience of  life in the trenches. The illustrations were published by Maynial in 1917 in a rare edition limited to a few hundred copies. Martin resumed his career after the war and reached new heights of success with pochoir illustration (hand-coloring using stencils and brushes). His work has become highly collectible. 

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