Revolution and Social Upheaval Les Quatre Saisons de La Kultur
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--l'assiette au beurre
 --La Vision de Hugo
 --Zola au Pantheon

 --Les Quatre Saisons de la Kultur 

   In 1915, book illustrator Hermann-Paul undertook a seris of five hand-colored plates depict the type of atrocities with which the German troops had been associated from the early days of the war, as Barbara Tuchman makes clear in the text that follows the images. Ironically called The Four Seasons of Kultur,  to berate what the once-admired cultured Germans had become, the series was issued by the distinguished publisher Dorbon aîné in a restricted edition of 300 total copies: 250 on plain paper, 40 on Holland laid-paper and 10 copies in duplicate on Japan, one in color, one in black and white. The set further strengthened Hermann-Paulís already excellent reputation as a graphic artist working in the medium of wood-engraving. These rare images are reproduced here by permission of the Skidmore College Special Collections, with special thanks to Ruth Copans, Special Collections Librarian. 

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