Revolution and Social Upheaval Paris in 1789
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--l'assiette au beurre
 --La Vision de Hugo
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notre dame
palais royal
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The images on these pages give an idea of the Parisian cityscape on the eve of the French Revolution. Pages one and two depict familiar landmarks as they looked in 1789.  On page three of this section, you will find images more specifically pertaining to the revolution itself, such as the Bastille, the Cordeliers, where the radical oratory of figures like Danton and Marat held sway, the riots at the Réveillon factory in April, 1789, a grim harbinger of the violence ahead, and the prison du Temple in which the royal family was incarcerated while awaiting trial and execution. These plates were produced for a three volume study of the city of Paris by M. de Saint Victor that was first published in 1808. The engravings were subsequently reissued in a large Atlas volume. They appear on these pages with the permission of the Middlebury College Special Collections. Thanks, in particular, go to Robert Buckeye, curator of the Abernethy Collection at Middlebury, who graciously permitted the scanning and publication of the Atlas for this project. 

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