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Get ConnectedNo year in your college career is more challenging or more important than your first one (orientation, moving in day, fye). National studies indicate that students who don’t connect with faculty and peers and who don’t identify an intellectual interest or passion are less likely to succeed and find fulfillment. That’s a major reason Skidmore developed its First-Year Experience — 50 seminars from which to choose, faculty and peer mentors, living in close proximity to Seminar mates. It’s all meant to ensure that first-year students hit the ground running from day one, connected and involved.

Take a look at our seminar offerings. Which ones look right for you?

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· Inside the First Year Experience
· FYE: Peer Mentors
· FYE: The Living
Learning Community
· Mentoring: The Key to
the FYE
· Thinking about your first year at Skidmore
· FYE: Scribner Seminars


· Pre-Orientation
· Scribner Seminars

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· FYE in London
· Free to focus

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· First-Year Experience
· FYE in London
· Scribner Seminars
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