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Skidmore College: Liberal Studies1
Fall 2004

Syllabus: Grading Policy

You are responsible for:

  • Completion of reading assignments by scheduled dates
  • Attendance and participation at all large group presentations
  • Attendance and active participation at seminar meetings
  • Attendance at special events
  • Completion of papers and Problem Analysis Project by the scheduled due dates

Your grade in the course will be determined as follows:

  Paper 1 5%
  Paper 2 20%
  Paper 3 20%
  LS 1 Problem Analysis Project 30%
  Seminar Meeting Participation* 25%

*Seminar group participation may include--at the discretion of individual seminar leaders--quizzes, journal entries, informal writing assignments, oral presentations, class projects, and a stated attendance policy.

LS 1 seminars have their own attendance policies; however, as stated in the Student Academic Handbook, if any student misses more tahn a third of the class sessions, her/his course grade wil be recorded as F.