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Skidmore College: Liberal Studies1
Fall 2004

Course Objectives

In addition to your gaining knowledge and understanding about the specific human dilemmas of Human Identities, Justice, and Human Ecologies, Liberal Studies 1 is designed so that during the semester you will

  • examine what it means to be human from biological, social, and aesthetic perspectives
  • learn to explore a question from a variety of perspectives (disciplinary, interdisciplinary, cross cultural)
  • learn to identify and formulate questions that will produce knowledge
  • develop the habit of mind of making connections among ideas
  • learn and practice critical thinking (which includes recognizing choices, examining assumptions, taking a skeptical stance)
  • gain an appreciation for ambiguity and complexity
  • commit to action despite the recognition of ambiguity
  • create a community of learners among the students and faculty of Skidmore College