Science Experiments by Anthony G. Holland

Category I: Plasma Experiments (video and photos of breakthrough research)

Category II: Microphotography: Click here to see photos I have taken of microscopic organisms

Category III: High Voltage Electrogravitics (Antigravity)(below)

In 1928 Thomas Townsend Brown patented a method for using high voltage to create easily observable real world motion (horizontal or vertical) without any moving mechanical parts. This technique of using high voltage to cause objects to move is known as electrogravitics among other names. Current physics cannot fully explain why this small craft made of balsa wood and common (cooking) aluminum foil rises against the force of gravity when I send a high voltage positive signal to the hair thin wire suspended above the aluminum foil "lifter cells". Nearly 300 different and independent "lifter" crafts have been flown around the world. Controversy swirls around this technology today, critics and naysayers stating boldly that "ionic wind" from the upper wire causes a downward draft of air, hence upward propulsion, but if you follow the links below, you will see that the foil is actually attracted upwards towards the positive lead wire suspended above it. One marvelous theory (with lots of math behind it!) states that the high voltage causes a disturbance in the space-time field, causing the craft to create its own local gravity field (in the direction of the positive lead of the HV).

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Tubular Lifter Experiment:

Notice above how the tubes are attracted *upward* towards the Positive High Voltage wire (out of picture about 3 inches above aluminum tubes). Proof that "Ion Wind" (downward thrust of positive ions from the + HV wire) is *NOT* the primary cause of the craft rising up against the force of gravity.

Click Here to download the full video of my tubular lifter experiments (26.48Mb) (quicktime)

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MORE LIFTER LINKS (for the open minded and curioius)

JLN LABS (superb information on world wide lifter phenomenon)

US Army Lab Report on Lifters (very interesting)

NASA Patent on "lifter" technology (hmmmm, what of "prior art" of TT Brown?)

AmericanAntiGravity website (you *must* hear the Podkletov interviews!)

Thomas Townsend Brown Site

Tom Bearden's MEG Patent (over unity electrical power generation without moving parts!)

So you want some SERIOUS MATH that the Zero Point Field Exists??(AFIAS)(watch out Maxwell!)


"The Hunt for Zero Point" by Nick Cook
"Lost Science" by Gerry Vasilatos
"The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe" by Lynne McTaggart
"Tesla, Man Out of Time" by Margaret Cheney (some of Tesla's papers are still held in Top Secret Military archives!)
"Wizard: The Life and Ttimes of Nikola Tesla: Biography of a Genius" by Marc Seifer