The Linux Computer Lab - HH207

The lab was constructed during the summer of 2005 and includes 20 Linux workstations along with an instructor's machine connected to an overhead projector. All workstations are connected to the Linux servers and to the campus network. The lab is used in the computer science curriculum and many CS courses meet in the lab. During "free" times, CS students use the lab to work on projects.

The lab machines require a valid username and password to log on. These are not the same as the campus email names and passwords. Student account information is provided by instructors or from the Linux Lab administrator, Lisa Schermerhorn ( in HH208.

To acquire an account in a designated course, students must sign the user agreement (see sidebar). Download it, sign it, and return it to your instructor or to Lisa.

A "Linux Lab for Dummies" document is available (see sidebar). This provides the basic instructions needed to log into and out of a Linux workstation, to use Eclipse, and to access Datastor.