MCS Networks - MCS1

The MCS1 folder on Datastor provides many resources for students in math and computer science courses.

Two important subfolders allow students to copy files to and from MCS1.

  • Handout - This folder contains one subfolder for each course in the department. This allows faculty to make files available to students, who may download them to their machines.
  • Submit - This folder also contains one subfolder for each course. Students may copy files into the appropriate subfolder but may not tamper with them once they are stored. The submit folders are typically used to submit homework.

Other folders provide resources for math and CS courses such as compilers, compiler tools, and utilities. Software used in any course is usually available in the MCS1 folder or is stored directly on the public PCs. Many applications are also available for download to students machines.

In addition to MCS1 and the Linux servers, many resources are also available on the Skidmore web. The sidebar provides a few links to these resources.