The Skidmore Network

Datastor and Datastor2

Datastor2 is a large file server available to students, while the old datastor contains faculty files (in MCS1). Each student has a secure personal home folder on Datastor2 that can be used to store files. The links at the left provide information on accessing Datastor2 from campus machines and dorms. There is also a link to IT's home page.

Datastor contains many folders that provide resources to academic and administrative departments. The Mathematics and Computer Science Department provides its students access to the MCS1 folder on Datastor. This folder contains the "handout" and "submit" folders, used by students to access and submit files (e.g. homework assignments are copied to the appropriate course subfolder in submit). Other folders in MCS1 provide Windows-based software resources used in the math and CS courses. Students must have sufficient privileges to access these folders.

Note: the handout and submit folders on MCS1 (datastor) as well as other folders used in math and CS courses are being phased out. Faculty are encouraged to use the new Blackboard app.