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Lisa Aronson
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Lisa Aronson
Library 228

Lisa Aronson is a devoted scholar of African art history, with particular expertise in the area of textiles. She has done extensive field research in Nigeria (where she lived for almost two years), Ivory Coast (during four separate visits), and most recently, Ghana. Her research and writing has focused mainly on two areas of inquiry, the impact of trade and colonialism on African textile production and issues of gender in African art. At present, she is completing her book titled The Weaving of History in Southeastern Nigeria from 1800 to the Present. She teaches numerous courses on African art along with courses on Mesoamerican and South American art and the arts of Native North America. She is a consummate lover and collector of textiles. From 2000-2002 she served as President of the Textile Society of America (, and she continues to be active in that organization.

Ikoli (crab) masquerade,
Ibani Ijo people,
Nigeria, West Africa,
photographed in 1978.

Djula indigo dyer,
village of Famorokaha,
Ivory Coast, West Africa,
photographed in 1985.

Maya. Cylindrical Vessel, Ballplayers,
600-800 AD, polychrome on terracotta, Dallas Museum of Art.

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