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All evening events on campus are canceled. We continue to communicate with w/ local authorities, no new updates at this time. More to follow. More


Campus News

Free "phi" speech

Among the public events coming to campus is a multimedia news presentation with a philosophical focus.

Free speeches

Upcoming talks and events include art, business and a residency by a Caribbean-British writer, this year's McCormack Visiting Scholar-Artist.

Oceanography grant from NASA

Atmospheric carbon is a big driver of climate change, and oceans are big regulators of atmospheric carbon--but how exactly? NASA is funding a Skidmore professor to find out more.

"In It" together

Round 2 of Skidmore's "In It" diversity events, Oct. 11-13, include gender and other identity discussions featuring alumni, an eminent scholar and a student with her mother and grandmother.

Skidmore sweep

Thoroughbred JT Wynne defeated his own teammate Steven Koulouris to win the regional Division III singles title; minutes later, they paired up to win the doubles title.

Join us for Celebration Weekend

Senior Parents Fund