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Rob Linrothe
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Rob Linrothe is a specialist in the Buddhist art of the Himalayas. He received a Ph. D. in Art History from the University of Chicago and through his field work has concentrated on the pre-modern mural painting of Ladakh and Zangskar (northwest India) and the contemporary revival of monastic painting in Amdo (China, eastern cultural Tibet). Among his publications is the book Ruthless Compassion: Wrathful Deities in Early Indo-Tibetan Esoteric Buddhist Art published in 1999. From 2002-2004, Dr. Linrothe served as the inaugural curator of Himalayan art at the Rubin Museum of Art [RMA] which opened to the public in October of 2004. During his tenure at RMA, Dr. Linrothe authored two catalogs to coincide with the museum's opening exhibitions: Paradise & Plumage: Chinese Connections in Tibetan Arhat Paintings; and with Jeff Watt, Demonic Divine: Himalayan Art and Beyond. In 2006, Linrothe was chief curator as well as the editor and principal contributor of the catalog for an exhibition at the RMA which opened in February 2006 entitled Holy Madness: Portraits of Tantric Siddhas. Among his current projects are the documentation of art in Zangskar and northern Spiti (Indian Himalayas), and the Tibetan Site Seminar (

Some of Dr. Linrothe’s recent courses have included Chinese Painting, Tibetan Art, East and South Asian Buddhist Art, and a Survey of Asian Art.



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