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Asian Studies


Photos taken by Skidmore students while studying in India

The Ganges River, photo taken by Hunter Marsten, 07.

Train station in Gaya, photo taken by Hunter Marston, '07.

Bodh Gaya, photo taken by Hunter Marston, '07.

Temple at Sujata Village (Sujata famous Buddhist site in Buddha's life). Photo taken by Hunter Marston, '07.

Skidmore student Adam Epstein at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab

Temple art at the MahaBodhi temple, the center of the world for Buddhists which houses the Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha sat. Photo by Hunter Marston, 07.


Skidmore student, Alex Tzelnic '07and kids outside a nearby school in Sujata Village 

Bodh Gaya at sunset - photo taken by Hunter Marston, '07.

Hindu Saddhu sketching at the old temple grounds of a Buddhist site in Rajasthan. Photo by Hunter Marston, '07

Basti slums in Delhi. Photo taken by Raissa Graves-Highsmi

Gurudwara in Dehli-photo taken by Raissa Graves-Highsmith '08

A walk to the Landour school in Mussoorie - Raissa Graves-Highsmith '08

Taking a rickshaw ride in Old Delhi, Hunter Marston '07