Financial Aid Office

Welcome Returning Students

Welcome back to Skidmore College. As you prepare for another year in college, you are reminded that applying for financial assistance is a yearly process. Each spring the aid application materials must be completed and submitted by the College's processing deadlines in order for your aid eligibility to be determined for the next academic year.

We are excited about having you back at Skidmore College and look forward to assisting you with the financial aid process. Please select the appropriate category below to learn about the documents you need to complete, along with their deadlines.

Returning Students ~ Students who enrolled at Skidmore College with Skidmore College grant aid and do not fall in one of the categories below.

HEOP/AOP Students ~ Students admitted to Skidmore College through Skidmore College's Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) or the Academic Opportunity Program (AOP). International AOP students should review information for International Students.

First Time Applicants ~ Students who enrolled at Skidmore College without Skidmore College grant aid normally are first eligible to receive such aid, if need is demonstrated, in their junior year.

Loan Applicants Only for 2012/2013 ~ Skidmore College participates in the Federal Direct Loan program. If you borrow a Federal Direct Student Loan or a Federal Direct PLUS loan your funding will come directly from the Federal government.