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**Veterinary schools may require additional courses (e.g. statistics, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, depending on the particular school) and requirements for other health professions may vary from these.**

One year of Biology with Lab
Two years of Chemistry with Lab
One year of Physics with Lab
One year of Mathematics
One year of English

BIOLOGY: This requirement is intended to be fulfilled by a comprehensive one-year introductory biology course. At Skidmore BI105 and BI106 would fulfill this. (Note that the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) presupposes biology course knowledge beyond a basic year of biology.)

CHEMISTRY: This is intended to include a year of general chemistry plus a year of Organic Chemistry. At Skidmore, this would be fulfilled by CH105 and CH106 Principles of Chemistry Sequence or CH107-CH207 (Honors Track), followed by CH221 and CH222 Organic Chemistry.

PHYSICS: At Skidmore this would be fulfilled by PY207 and PY208, General Physics. Skidmore's physics courses are calculus based, so Calculus I and II (MA111 and MA113) are required as prerequisites or corequisites. Medical schools will accept non-calculus physics courses as well.

MATH: The math requirement is the only one that is variable among medical schools. About one-third of U.S. medical schools require a semester or year of calculus. Other schools only specify one or two semesters of math. All place more weight on calculus than on less demanding math courses. We strongly recommend one year of calculus to preserve the option of applying to any medical school, and to acquire the most competitive credentials possible as an applicant.

ENGLISH: At least one course designated as "English" on the transcript (e.g. at Skidmore this would usually be EN105) and either another "English" course, or a course designated as writing intensive on the transcript.



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