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Ten-Year Summary(2000-2010)
Skidmore Health Professions Applicants

Medical School
Veterinary School
Dental, Podiatry, Optometry & Chiropractic


Skidmore Graduates Have Been Accepted At The Following Health Profession Schools:
Albany Medical College SUNY Buffalo Medical School
Albert Einstein Medical College SUNY Stony Brook Medical School
Case Western Reserve University SUNY Upstate Medical School
Chicago Medical School Syracuse University Medical School
Chicago Osteopathic Medical School Texas University Medical School
Cincinnati Medical College Thomas Jefferson Univ. Medical School
Cornell Medical School Tufts Veterinary School
Emory University School of Medicine Tulane Medical College
Georgetown Medical School University of California Medical
Hahnemann University Medical School University of Connecticut Medical
Harvard Dental College University of Florida Medical
Harvard Medical College University of Illinois Medical
Iowa State Veterinary College University of Kentucky Dental School
Loyola University Medical School University of Madison Veterinary School
Massachusetts General Nursing School University of Massachusetts Medical
Missouri Veterinary College University of Michigan Medical
Mount Sinai Medical School University of Michigan Dental
New England School of Osteopathic Med. University of Pennsylvania Veterinary
New Jersey Medical College University of Pittsburgh Medical
New York University Medical College University of Rochester Medical
New York University Dental School University of South Carolina Medical
Ohio at Toledo Medical College University of Texas, Houston Medical
Pennsylvania College of Optometry Vanderbilt Medical
Robert Wood Johnson Medical - NJ West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Southern College of Optometry in Memphis Yale Medical School
SUNY Buffalo Dental School  




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