2017-Academic-Festival - page 3

Message from Academic Festival Coordinators
Excellence matters at Skidmore College. Students write perceptive
papers, conduct insightful scientific and mathematical research,
choreograph breathtaking dances, and create stimulating theatrical
productions. In labs, at field sites, in libraries, and in studios, our
students take ownership of their curriculum and demonstrate the mix of
creativity and excellence that characterizes Academic Festival.
The nineteenth annual Academic Festival brings the Skidmore
community together to celebrate our students’ achievements.
Departments and programs across the College have selected their very
best students to present during four designated time slots. With no more
than nine concurrent sessions in each time slot, we hope to attract large
audiences to all of our sessions. This year we are once again offering a
popular lunchtime slot for departments and programs to sponsor their
own sessions; some panels will extend into or begin during the
lunchtime slot.
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