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9:00 – 10:20 AM: SESSION 1
1. Latin American Studies Program
PMH 200
Faculty Sponsors: Beatriz Loyola & Kate Paarlberg, Latin American Studies
Presenters: Chelsea Nuesi ‘17, Elise Tierney '18, Emilio Zalzman ’18, Sarah Coker ’19
Title of presentation: Skidmore in Latin America, Latin America at Skidmore
Students in the course HI 251C:
History of Latinxs
will present their reflections after
interviewing people who have moved to the United States from Latin America, and who
now live in the Saratoga community.
Students from the Guatemala alternate spring break experience will discuss how activities
from museum visits to volunteering with
Camino Seguro
(Safe Passage, a school begun
to help some of Guatemala City’s most underprivileged children), help reshape their
understanding of the country.
2. Virtue Ethics
PMH 201
Faculty Sponsor: Silvia Carli, Philosophy
Presenters: Dylan MacFarlane ’17, Benjamin Profenius ’17, Madeline Reagan ’18,
James Rigas ’18, Jessica Tetu ’17, Jon Weinstein ‘17
This year’s Senior Seminar in Philosophy focused on virtue ethics. After considering
Aristotle’s classical version of this approach to the moral life, we examined a variety of
present-day approaches to an ethics of virtue (neo-Aristotelian, agent-based and
pluralist). We considered some of their most promising developments as well as some of
problems they face. Students will present and discuss papers that reflect the range of
questions pursued in our seminar.
3. Skidmore-Saratoga Consulting Partnership (SSCP) Spring 2017 (MB360)
PMH 202
Faculty Sponsor: Colleen Burke, Management & Business
Co-chairs: Nicole Bennett ’17 & Maya Reyes ‘17
Presenters: Jingling Zhang ’17, Weston Stewart-Tennes ’17, Kevin Wang ’17, Robert
Pierce ’17, Cait Opfer ’18, Vu Nguyen ’17, Georgiana Ager ’17, Dipesh KC ’17,
Alessandro Lannes ‘17
The Skidmore-Saratoga Partnership (SSCP), an Applied Civic Engagement course,
is an
advanced seminar and practicum on strategic consulting. SSCP partners with the Saratoga
community to provide
pro bono
consulting services, helping for-profit and not-for-profit
clients achieve their goals. The final deliverables include a formal consulting report and
presentation to the client as well as Spring presentations at Academic Festival. This
semester, client presentations include Universal Preservation Hall, Death Wish Coffee,
and Olde Saratoga Brewery.
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