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Universal Preservation Hall
Jingling Zhang ’17, Weston Stewart-Tennes ’17, Kevin
Wang ’17
Death Wish Coffee -
Robert Pierce ’17, Cait Opfer ’18, Vu Nguyen ’17
Olde Saratoga Brewery -
Georgiana Ager ’17, Dipesh KC ’17, Alessandro Lannes ’17
4. “Political, economic, and social stigmas: In the real world and in fiction”
PMH 300
Faculty Sponsor: Maria Lander, WLL
Presenters: Ke (Kevin) Wang ’17, Amanda Raley ‘17
Ke (Kevin) Wang ’17: “To the Letter: A Chinese Novella in Translation.”
Is word-for-word translation between Chinese and English possible or even desirable?
How faithful must the translator be to the source text? How do we translate kinship titles
or the name of an object that does not exist in English? This presentation explores the
difficult questions that I encountered when I translated the 16,500-character novella Gufu
into English. The novella, published in 2005 by Wang Ruiyi, grapples with national
trauma, family relationships, and social stigma-issues that have been central to much of
modern Chinese literature.
Amanda Raley ’17: “NAFTA in the era of Trump: The Effects of Trade Liberalization on
Mexico’s Economy.”
In 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect, in an attempt to
strengthen the economic power of the continent. Over two decades later, the question
remains: Has trade liberalization freed Mexico from sociopolitical and economic stigma?
This paper explores the economic success of NAFTA in Mexico and the future of the
trade agreement, and addresses the Trump presidency’s impact on U.S.-
Mexican relations.
5. Global Missions: Rescue Agendas in Ocean Pollution, International
Development, China-Africa Relations and Slum Tourism
Bolton 281
Faculty Sponsor: Pushkala Prasad, International Affairs
Presenters: Rula Issa ’17, Katherine Oetheimer ’17, Brian Saleeby ’17, Brian Temple ‘17
International dynamics and interactions are often pervaded by themes of saving and
rescue. The presenters in this panel will examine tendencies in various global endeavors
(both formal and informal) to save or rescue people, nations and the natural environment.
Topics concerned include plastics in marine ecosystems, racial formations in
international development organizations, slum tourism and Africa-China relations.
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