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4. Critical Political Challenges at Home and Abroad
Bolton 280
Faculty Sponsors: Aldo Vacs & Kate Graney, Political Science
Presenters: Elizabeth Collins ’17, Luca Mobilia ’17, Megan Schachter ’17, Jack
Schreuer ’17, Zachary Stiller ‘17
Political Science senior thes
s presentations include critical review and analysis of
current political issues and controversies both in the United States and abroad.
Reconceptualizing Russian Mail-Order Brides as Empowered Women,
Elizabeth Collins
The Effects of Student Aid Policy Design on Voting Behavior: An Alternative Explanation
for the Millennial Vote,
Luca Mobilia ’17
The Outsized Impact of Public Opinion as the Determinant of Sex Offender Public
Notification Laws,
Megan Schachter ’17
The Role of Constitutional Creation in Revolutionary State-Building,
Jack Schreuer ’17
The Complexities of Oil Insurgencies: An analysis of oil insurgency causes and state
responses in Iraq, Syria, and Nigeria; focusing on stability, social services, ethnic
divides, military capacity, and territorial integrity,
Zachary Stiller ’17
5. Capstone Projects in Literary Studies
Davis Auditorium
Faculty Sponsor: Maggie Greaves, English
Presenters: Louise Athens ’17, Eliza Burr ’17, Claire Foster ’17, Taylor Ray ’17, Emily
Robinson ’17, Kaitlyn Spina ’17
This panel will showcase some of the best of the English department’s capstone projects
in literary studies. Students will give an overview of their work and read a short excerpt.
There will be time for questions and comments from the audience.
6. Senior Thesis Presentations in Economics
Emerson Auditorium (Session 2 & Lunch Hour)
Faculty Sponsors: Monica Das & Qi Ge, Economics
Presenters: Abude Alasaad ’17, Argent Alija ’17, Ben Allen ’17, Daniel R. Dasgupta ’17,
Isaac LJ Locke ’17, Jiyoung Sim ’17, Vavrinec Cermak ’17, Aryan von Eicken ’17,
Lillian Philbrick ’17, Lukas Raynaud ’17, Yidi Wu ’17, Ziao Zhang ‘17
Abude Alasaad ’17 - “How Do Different Aspects of the Financial Sector Impact GDP
Argent Alija ’17 - “What We Have and What We Can’t Have: Analyzing the Endowment
Effect and Choice Restriction on Consumer Choice.”
Ben Allen ’17 - “Changes in Profitability for Primary Lenders since the Financial Crisis.”
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