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Senior Anthropology majors will present the results of various projects completed while
at Skidmore including fieldwork in Guatemala, Boliva and France. The presentations will
exhibit the diversity of topics, such as World Cup Soccer, museums, and urban graffiti,
and demonstrate approaches incorporating ethnography, archaeology and documentary
film studied by Anthropology students.
Maya Archaeology in the Guatemalan Lowlands: Studies of San Bartolo and Xultun
Erica Heinz '17 & Jessie Sandberg '17
Cash, Conception and Country: Predicting the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Nate Kraus '17 and Ben Caples '18
Reframing Education: The Role of Teaching Museums in Interdisciplinary Learning
Cara DeCusatis '17
Multiculturalism in Paris Weekend Market
Yiyun (Evian) Pan '17
Documentary Film Screening: Métodos de lucha / Strategies of Struggle
Lisa Moran '17
9. Health and Exercise Sciences Department Senior Research
Sports Center 201
Faculty Sponsor: Pat Fehling, Health & Exercise Sciences
Presenters: Ryan Beierle ’17, Sam Bloom ’17, Allison Byrne’17, Ladasia Cooke ’17,
Kathryn Curran ’17, Kelsey Denby ’17, Jack Dixon ’17, Cassandra Eddy ’17, Lauren
Gorstein ’17, Ian Gregory-Davis ’17, Vanessa Quintero ’17, Jennifer Vise ’17, Meaghan
Wood ‘17
Health and Exercise Science students who chose to complete a senior thesis will be
presenting their research projects. Their research ranges from issues of public health, heat
stress, shift-work and the influence of diet on biomarkers of aging. Come and support
these students and enjoy a few novel and interesting talks where students will discuss
their projects and pertinent findings.
The Effect of Shift-Work on Firefighter Physiology and Health
Lauren Gorstein ‘17, Allison Byrne ‘17, Jennifer Vise ‘17
Motivations for Moving: An Analysis of Determinants of Health and Physical Activity in
Residential College Students
Cassandra Eddy ‘17 and Ladasia Cooke ‘17
The Impact of a Ballet and Modern Dance Performance on Heart Rate Variability in
Collegiate Dancers
Meaghan Wood ‘17
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