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Daniel R. Dasgupta ’17 - “What is the relationship between team chemistry and team
success in Major League Baseball?”
Isaac LJ Locke ’17 - “The Effect of Financial Incentives and Regulatory Policies on the State-
Level Size and Cost of Solar Photovoltaics.”
Jiyoung Sim ’17 - “Financial Structure and Economic Growth in Different Country
Vavrinec Cermak ’17 - “Can
Become a Viable Alternative to Fiat Currencies?”
Aryan von Eicken ’17 - “An Analysis of the Efficiency of the NFL Draft.”
Lillian Philbrick ’17 - “United States Monetary Policy as a Determinant of Capital Flows
to Emerging Market Economies: A Study on Capital Flows to the BRICS Countries.”
Lukas Raynaud ’17 - “Are Event-Studies a Useful Tool for Industrial Policy Evaluation?
Evidence from Stock Market Reactions to Obama's Stimulus Package.”
Yidi Wu ’17 - “Determinants of Post-Secondary Education Attainment.”
Ziao Zhang ’17 - “Monetary Policy and Housing Market in China.”
7. Collaborative Capstone Research in Chemistry
Dana 240
Faculty Sponsor: Kelly Sheppard, Chemistry
Presenters: William Armero ’17, Nicholas Friedman ’17, Kurt Hanebrink ’17, Daniel
Lesko ’17, Matthew Lueckheide ’17, Matthew Mailloux ’18, Emily Richmond ’19,
Natalie Stuart ’18, Kristine Vorwerk ‘17
Students involved in Research in Chemistry will present their cutting-edge studies
conducted in collaboration with faculty. They will explain the larger context of their
work as well as their individual contributions to molecular-level projects. In particular,
the talks will center on how understanding molecules gives us insight into the chemistry
of the atmosphere, plant cell walls, neural development, and an amino acid essential for
life as well as the synthesis of new compounds.
8. Achievements in Anthropology
Bolton 380 (Archaeology Lab)
Faculty Sponsor: Heather Hurst, Anthropology
Student Co-Chairs: Jessica Sandberg ’17, Erica Heinz ‘17
Ben Caples '18
Cara DeCusatis '17
Erica Heinz '17
Nate Kraus '17
Moran '17
Evian Pan '17
Jessie Sandberg '17
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