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6. “Visualizing Year Zero: Representations of Germany in 1945”
Tisch 307
Faculty Sponsor: Matt Hockenos, History
Presenters: Andrew Aikins ’18, Charlotte Bracklo ’19, Christopher Cocchi ’19, Wyatt
Hackett ’17, Claire Joffe ’17, Thomas Kane ’18, Joshua Karen ’18, Zoe Ousouljoglou
’20, Owen Peterson ’17, Jacob Reiskin ’17, Emily Stone ’17, Henry Szor ’17, Michael
Yolleck ‘17
In German history “year zero” or “zero hour” (
Stunde Null
) refers to Germany in 1945.
They are controversial concepts because they imply that in 1945 Germans could forget
everything that happened before 1945 (i.e., the Nazi era and the Holocaust) and begin
everything anew. Our presentation will interrogate the concept of
Stunde Null
analyzing visual representations of Germany in 1945.
10:30 – 11:50 AM: SESSION 2
1. Capstone Research in Sociology: Senior Majors Explore the Protestant Ethic,
State Support for Healthy Living, Sexual Assault on College Campuses, Prejudice
and Islam, and Stigma towards the Mentally Ill.
Tisch 203
Faculty Sponsor: John Brueggemann, Sociology
Presenters: Sana Bando ’17, Cassandra Eddy ’17, Lauren Gorstein ’17, Rula Issa ’17,
Sophie Weissbourd ‘17
Sana Bando ‘17, “Re-Examining Classical Theory: Max Weber’s Protestant Ethic & the
Spirit of Capitalism”
Cassie Eddy ‘17, “The State of our Health: State-Level Resource Inequality and
Correlates of Chronic Disease in the United States”
Lauren Gorstein ‘17, “The Influence of Fraternity Presence on Reported On-Campus
Sexual Assault”
Rula Issa ‘17, “Roots of Prejudice: The Perceived Incompatibility of Islam and Western
Standards of Secularism”
Sophie Weissbourd ‘17, “Income Inequality, Mental Health, Help-Seeking-Behaviors,
and the Impact of Stigma”
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