Wiecking Hall (South Quad)

Wiecking Hall is one of four South Quad areas.


Opening in 1989, Skidmore Hall revived the name of a dormitory on the original downtown campus.  The first Skidmore Hall was one of the first buildings acquired for the Skidmore School of Arts in 1911.  Although no longer owned by the College, it remains in use as an apartment building in town.  In May 2003, Skidmore Hall was re-dedicated as Wiecking Hall in honor of Kathryn Wiecking '53.  "Skidmore changed Kathy’s life—and her outlook on life," observed her friend Natalie Jones Neri ’53.  "Skidmore became Kathy’s family," she noted, adding that several classmates and fellow Sonneteers became permanent friends.


Room Furnishings

Rooms are furnished with the following items upon move in:

Room Style

Wiecking Hall is designed as a corridor-style building with one bathroom shared by a hallway of rooms.  There is also a featured Gender Neutral area in the building.

Room Sizes

Double (21 Rooms): 11'-6" x 18'-6"

Single Room (86 Rooms): 11'-6" x 9'-6"


Wiecking Hall