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2012 Graduates

Commencement 2017

Schedule of Events

May 19-20, 2017

Details of these activities and events may change by May 19. An up-to-date final schedule, noting time changes and locations, will be available upon your arrival on campus. Please be sure to pick one up at the Information Desk in Case Center's commons area, second floor, on Friday, May 19, between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Your senior will also receive a copy.

Friday, May 19

12–5 pm

At the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery:

If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day: Collections of Claude Simard
April 22, 2017–September 8, 2017

Claude Simard (1956-2014) was an artist, gallerist, and an influential figure within the international art community. Co-founder of the Jack Shainman Gallery in Manhattan, Simard dedicated over 30 years of his life to engaging with and enriching the lives of artists as both muse and patron. His voracious drive to collect and discover resulted in a sizable collection of art and artifacts from across centuries and continents, works that range from Ghanaian Fante Asafo flags to Nick Cave's Soundsuits. These objects served as offerings of inspiration for his artist friends, brought attention to contemporary artists operating outside of Western art centers, and represent collecting as an inherently artistic practice in its own right. The exhibition features a large selection of examples from Simard’s collection, acquired both abroad and from within the United States. The diversity of the works is unparalleled, from medium to country of origin to subject matter. Many of the contemporary artists in the exhibition focus on issues of identity and the multiplicity of forces that shape artists and art. As a whole, this exhibition helps construct an understanding of Claude Simard himself as well as the collective, cumulative, and enduring global web of art.


Janine Antoni & Stephen Petronio: Entangle
January 28, 2017–July 16, 2017

Janine Antoni & Stephen Petronio: Entangle presents three works that combine action, video, and installation. Rope Dance, On the Table, and Honey Baby explore a range of ongoing multidisciplinary collaborations, which the artists began more than three years ago, setting out to blur the lines between artist, dancer, choreographer, and audience. Each offering has one element in common—a wooden floor—that frames different activities understood through the body. Janine Antoni and Stephen Petronio are Skidmore College's 2016-17 Don and Judy McCormack Endowed Visiting Artist-Scholars in Residence, which is administered by the Office of the Dean of Special Programs.

Honey Baby is an immersive experience created by Antoni and Petronio. The spectator reclines on the horizontal plane to view the video above, confounding our notion of the body’s relation to gravity. The video, inspired by motion in utero, captures a folding and tumbling male body suspended in a honey-filled environment. Viscous liquid dripping down a body in developmental transformation reveals a uniquely sensual relationship between subject and host. The fourteen-minute video brings you incrementally closer, until a collapse of space presses the viewer up against the body.   

Like Lazarus Did (2013) was the first collaboration between Antoni and Petronio. The final dance of this work, Trevor, was drawn from sonograms of a child developing in utero. This stage work, which was performed by Nick Sciscione, a member of Petronio's dance company, was the starting point for Honey Baby.

Liz Collins–Energy Field
October 17, 2016–August 31, 2017

Designed for congregation, conversation, and study, Liz Collins–Energy Field is the first in a new Tang series that asks artists to imagine what a museum community space can be. Located on the Tang’s mezzanine, Energy Field is a long-running installation created as a lounge and social space for visitors and students. During the 2015–16 academic year, Energy Field has been the site of meetings, public dialogues, improvisational dance performances, sonic meditation, and more.

Energy Field is designed to revitalize the lounger/visitor through color, shape, and texture. It is a new age crystal cave viewed through a pop post-modern lens. With exploding supernovas on the ceiling, chevrons on the wall, and stripes on the floor, the brash sharpness is offset by plush carpeting, raining yarn, and upholstered furniture. Energy Field is a liminal space intended to invite both prolonged exploration and rest. A mirrored wall extends the room into the next dimension while at the same time functioning as a grounding device, i.e., "I am here now. Here I am."  

Liz Collins is an artist and designer. She presented her performance piece, Knitting Nation, at the Tang as part of the exhibition Dance/Draw (2012), which she has also shown at eleven other locations, including the Rhode Island School of Design, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, and the Museum of Modern Art: Studio. Her recent work explores the boundaries between painting, fiber arts, and installations, creating spaces that envelop the viewer in vibrating color fields.

For more information on these exhibitions, go to https://tang.skidmore.edu/exhibitions/upcoming 

Senior Thesis Art Exhibit
May 12-20, 2017

This exhibit showcases outstanding works in all media by senior studio-art  majors.

10:00 am–12 pm Periclean Honors Forum: Recognition for Graduating Seniors and Periclean Scholar Awards Ceremony
Filene Recital Hall, Filene Hall

Held annually, the Periclean Scholar Awards competition recognizes excellence by awarding up to four prizes to seniors for distinguished projects in all disciplines.  Periclean Scholar Awards recipients share the honor of this achievement at a ceremonial presentation of the project open to the College community.  Following these presentations, Honors Forum members who are graduating seniors will receive their recognition medals. A reception will follow to celebrate graduating HF seniors and Periclean Scholar Awards recipients.

12:30 pm Senior Varsity Athlete Recognition Luncheon
Main Gym, Williamson Sports Center
By invitation only.
2:00 pm Phi Beta Kappa Initiation
Gannett Auditorium

Induction ceremony for new members. Faculty, staff, students, and their families are welcome to attend. Reception follows.

2:00–3:00 pm

Tour of the Tang Teaching Museum
Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery

3:30 pm Class of 2017 Parents Fund Brick Dedication Ceremony
Case Center Plaza (Rain plan - Case Center)

A brief ceremony for seniors, families, and friends to dedicate the Class of 2017 brick pathway, given by the families of the Class of 2017 in honor of their graduating seniors. Each brick is engraved with the name of the student whose parents participate in the Class of 2017 Parents Fund.

For more information about Class of 2017 Parents Fund, call Ann Dejnozka, Executive Director of Family Leadership Giving, at 518-580-5635 or visit 

4:30–6:30 pm President's Reception
Scribner House, 791 North Broadway

President Philip A. Glotzbach and Marie B. Glotzbach greet seniors, their guests, trustees, faculty, and staff at their home, historic Scribner House.

Saturday, May 20

8:00–10:00 am Breakfast
Murray-Aikins Dining Hall, Skidmore College Campus

Families, friends, and seniors are welcome as guests of the College.

10:00 am Commencement Procession Formation
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Spa State Park

Seniors arrive, pick up diplomas, and form processional.

10:30 am Faculty members and platform party members form processional.

Audience members are asked to be seated by this time.

10:40 am

106th Commencement Exercises
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Spa State Park

This event will be live-streamed.

2:00–4:00 pm

Post-Commencement Reception
Murray Aikins Dining Hall, Skidmore College Campus

Come Celebrate!  Please join graduates, families, friends, faculty and staff for a celebratory reception following the Commencement Ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of Skidmore College's Class of 2017.