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Fall 2000

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From the alumni board president:
Interested in volunteering?
Alumni club contacts
Your alumni board
Accolades and honors

From the alumni board president:

Every fall the alumni association’s board of directors gives all entering students a complimentary prepaid phone card. Our message to these students is the importance of staying connected and communicating. That message pertains to us as alumni as well. We spend only four years at Skidmore, but we maintain the Skidmore connection for the rest of our lives, keeping up with the friends we made at Skidmore and perhaps attending functions offered by the regional alumni clubs around the country.

But there are many other ways to stay connected to Skidmore, particularly through volunteer service. You can interview applicants for admission, serve as a class officer, join the organizers of your regional Skidmore club, or help find a job for a current Skidmore student. Whatever you choose to do, I can assure you that you will find it fun and rewarding, and it will draw you closer to Skidmore. And remember that all volunteers are invited back to campus each spring for Leadership Council.

The alumni board is pleased to present the following information to help alumni get involved with Skidmore. And any time you have questions or ideas about how your alumni board can serve you better, we hope you’ll let us know.

    Beverly Harrison Miller ’67
    President, Alumni Board

Interested in volunteering?

You can serve your class or the College in a many enjoyable ways. If you have a five-year reunion coming up soon, join the reunion planning committee. Volunteer as a class agent, help organize your regional alumni club’s events, or serve as an alumni admissions contact. Connect with current undergraduates by being a career advisor, giving informational interviews, or arranging job shadowing and internship opportunities. To get started, contact the liaisons listed below.

Admissions: Darren Drabek, assistant director of admissions (, or Jeff Anderson ’93, alumni board chair of admissions (

Career programs: Michelle McMahon, staff assistant (mimcmaho@, or Alison Doyle, associate director (, of career services

Class volunteering: Erik Grimaldi ’98, assistant director of alumni affairs (

Club activities: Cindy Shaw, associate director of alumni affairs (, or George Constant ’86, alumni board chair of alumni clubs (gconstant@

Fundraising: Stephen Clark, director of the Annual Fund (

Parents Council: Stephen Clark, director of parent relations (

University Without Walls: Mary Cogan, assistant to the director (, or Cornel Reinhart, director (, of UWW

Alumni club contacts

Los Angeles, CA
Amy Scribner ’86,

San Francisco, CA
Josephine Leach Lewis ’57,

Fairfield, CT
Claire Simonelli ’74,;

Hartford, CT
Marge O’Meara Storrs ’57,

Washington, DC
Brittany Hoff ’93,;
Maritza Rivera ’91,

Southeast FL
Constance Talcott Smith ’63,

Sarasota, FL
Jean Rowe Tourt ’50

Boston, MA
Amy O’Leary ’92,;
Kiernan Conroy Klosek ’95,

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Laura Martin McConkey ’84,

Princeton, NJ
Ann Moses Douglas ’56,

Capital District (Albany), NY
Susan Geary ’99,;
Catherine Spaneas ’93,

Schenectady, NY
Nancy Coull Erdoes ’66, erdoes@;
Diana Clark Crookes ’69,

New York City, NY
Maria Klink ’97,;
Peter Wan ’95,

Raleigh-Durham, NC
Lynn Faught ’73,

Cleveland, OH
Joel Bresler ’82,

Philadelphia, PA
Michele Segre ’90,

Western PA
Corinne Marshall Babson ’68

London, England
Rachel Linsley ’95,

For more information about alumni clubs, please contact Cindy Shaw, associate director of alumni affairs (, 518-580-5610 or 1-800-584-0115), or e-mail George Constant ’86, chair of alumni clubs (

Your alumni board

The 2000-01 board of directors of the Skidmore College Alumni Association:

Beverly Harrison Miller ’67, President (1999-2002),

Florence Andresen ’57, Vice President for Annual Giving and Alumni Trustee (2000-03),

Terrill Tiffany Sullivan ’62, Vice President for Alumni Involvement (1999-2002),

Jeanne Shipp Waldinger ’68, Vice President for Alumni Outreach (1998-2001),

Jeffrey Anderson ’93, Chair of Admissions (2000-03),

Neil Astmann ’00, Chair of Young Alumni and Undergraduate Outreach (2000-02),

Vincent Catalano ’83, Chair of the Awards Committee (1999-2002),

Nicholas Cavaliere ’01, Student Representative (president of the Student Alumni Society) (2000-01),

George Constant ’86, Chair of Alumni Clubs (1998-2001),

Ann Moses Douglas ’56, Alumni Trustee (1999-2003),

Kenneth Freirich ’90, Member-at-Large (2000-02),

Spencer Goldin ’93, Chair of Young Alumni Giving (1998-2001),

Sibyl Waterman Haley ’71, Chair of Reunion Giving (1999-2002), swhaley@

Jacqueline Jung ’61, Member-at-Large (2000-01),

Pamela Schick Kelsey ’70, Alumni Trustee (1997-2001),

Anthony Llano ’97, Chair of Diversity (2000-03),

Scott Martin ’79, Alumni Trustee (1998-2002),

Amy O’Leary ’92, Chair of Reunion (2000-03),

Barbara Sabia ’80, Chair of the Nominating Committee (1999-2002),

Carol Strickland ’72, Chair of the Friends of the Presidents Committee (2000-03),

Jeffrey Treuhaft ’91, Member-at-Large (2000-02),

Accolades and honors

Each year, the alumni association honors outstanding alumni with awards for high professional or personal achievement and for valued service to Skidmore. Hurry! You can help the awards committee by sending nominations and letters of support, by December 8, to Vincent Catalano ’83, Awards Committee Chair, c/o Alumni Office, Skidmore College; fax 518-580-5668; or Your remarks should describe the candidate’s strengths, honors, accomplishments, and/or involvement with Skidmore; if possible, also include copies of résumés or publications, as well as names and addresses of others who can offer information about the nominee. The awards are:

Distinguished Achievement Award
Honors an alumna/us who graduated at least ten years ago and who has translated her or his Skidmore experience into distinguished achievement through professional work and/or community service. The recipient must return to campus to accept the award during Reunion (June 2, 2001).

Outstanding Service Award
Honors up to five members of the Skidmore community who have demonstrated outstanding service to the College. Each recipient must have served Skidmore for at least ten years as alumna/us, trustee, faculty member, administrator, staff, parent, or friend. Alumni recipients must be members of a reunion-celebrating class—this year, class years that end in 1 or 6.

Alumni Periclean Scholar Award
Honors an alumna/us who has achieved distinction in a field related to the intellectual and creative purposes of the Periclean society and the liberal arts and sciences mission of Skidmore College. The recipient must have a continuing concern for the Skidmore community and must return to campus to accept the award at the Periclean induction ceremony during Family Weekend next October.

Palamountain Award for Young Alumni Achievement
Honors one alumna/us who graduated from one to ten years ago and who has utilized her or his Skidmore education in a quest for excellence demonstrated by personal achievement. The recipient must have a continuing concern for the Skidmore community and must return to campus to accept the award during Leadership Council (April 21, 2001).

David H. Porter Award for Young Alumni Volunteerism
Honors one alumna/us who graduated from one to ten years ago and who has provided outstanding service to the College. Service may be evidenced through a variety of forms. The recipient must return to campus to accept the award during Leadership Council (April 21, 2001).

For more information about volunteer opportunities and involvement in the Skidmore community, call 1-800-584-0115.


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