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Fall 2000

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Genevieve Oliver Littlefield
PO Box 105
Bristol, ME 04539

All attending our class’s 60th reunion this past June had a wonderful time. We did not stay up late but we did appear for breakfast at 7:30 a.m.! The best part was that golf carts driven by capable young people not only took our luggage to our rooms, but also drove us everywhere, which made us feel very special.

After all the work of doing a survey for Reunion, Cynthiane Byrd Morgenweck could not attend due to heart problems. She still lives in New York City and is happy that her son lives with her. Oldest daughter Cindy is a physician and teaches ethics at the Medical College of Wisconsin, her husband is an ophthalmologist, and they and their two children live in Sheboygan. Youngest daughter Christie is director of human resources for a large law firm in Denver, CO.

Nancy Drake Phelas, from the original class, was so happy to hear from Virginia Robinson and wished she could be with us for Reunion. Her husband and she have shared a happy marriage and three grown children, and are now coping with problems following his stroke two years ago. Her address is PO Box 34, Westerly, RI 02891.

Regina Wilson Barringer is doing well and says she “would love to hear from some of my college friends.”

Class president “Miss Charlotte” Stern Roubey headed off to Alaska for a two-week land and cruise trip.


Reunion ’01!

Miriam Ogden Cudmore
13041 W. Ohio Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80228

We are preparing for our 60th reunion, May 31 through June 3, 2001, so mark your calendars and start making your plans now to attend!

John and Carolyn Carleton Preston, of Glastonbury, CT, recently had a trip to Ireland. They have two grandchildren. Carolyn keeps busy with a group at the community college that meets monthly.

Nancy Conger Weldon’s daughter writes that Nancy is now in a nursing home. She receives mail in care of Barbara Meurer at 1 Parker Circle, Westford, MA 01886.

Helen Evarts Banks plans on attending Reunion in May and hopes to talk Margaret Orr Ronaldson into going with her.

Bobbie Gaddis Hitchcock now receives news of Skidmore through her daughter, Mary Vacca. Due to macular degeneration in both eyes, she is no longer able to read any printed material.

Susanne Imlay Dhyse is busier than ever after retiring from teaching special education and helping with a program for teenagers for nearly 28 years. She continues to act as a docent at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and performs a special assignment as editor of its newsletter. She notes that she is looking forward to the class’s 60th reunion.

News from Woodstock, VT: John and Tina Towne Moore cruised to Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia last January. In May, their first great grandchild, Connor John Edson, arrived in Austin, TX. Tina’s youngest grandsons graduated from college a year ago. One is with Prudential. The other is with Affiliated Capital Management Group in Boston.

Jeanne Maguire Rieger, who resides in South Portland, ME, has been recovering from an operation. She has a daughter in Florida and one in Chicago and has a son who lives near her. She keeps in touch with Adele Bagg Durward of West Falmouth, MA.

David and Barbara White Moore reside in Tenafly, NJ. They have three children and six grandchildren. Barbara keeps busy with bridge and gardening and sees Margaret Ronaldson. occasionally.

Condolences go to Tomi Kuwayama Tedesco, who resides in Los Angeles, upon the loss of her husband, Lorenzo, in June. Her children live in Oakland and in North Hollywood. She has two granddaughters, one 7 years old and the other attending the University of Santa Cruz.

The class extends its sympathy to the families of class members who have died, including Helen Dennehy Winslow and Shirley Wendell Bowdish.

Ken and I had a great visit from daughter Wendy Cudmore ’72, who lives and teaches in Connecticut. During her visit, we e-mailed and phoned Sydney, Australia, on genealogy matters and had a family celebration for my birthday.


Julianne Oppenheimer Lewis
171 Weyford Terr.
Garden City, NY 11530

Judy Partridge Baird and husband Spencer live on the west coast of British Columbia. They are pursuing “the simple life.” They are the EPA’s model family. Spencer converted a Chevy pick-up to an electric car, and they have an electric boat as well.

Gloria Blickman Horwitz volunteers in the gift shop of an art gallery, where she also attends docent orientation classes and arranges flowers for gallery events. She is also a program chair in her garden club.


Mary Sinon Sayer 58 Branch Tpk., #8
Concord, NH 03301

Dorothy Baird Williamson, from beautiful Sanibel Island, FL, works at a historical museum every week as a docent, helping out with scheduling.

Norma Crosier is enjoying retirement and life in New York City where she and a friend jointly own a brownstone right in the middle of Manhattan.

Phoebe Fern Greenfield wrote that she and her husband went to their oldest grandson’s graduation from Emory University. They spent the winter in Palm Beach, FL. They also visited New Jersey, Boston, and Bethesda, MD, to see their children. On occasion, they enjoy taking part in Elderhostel trips. Phoebe says they’re a little slower to move and remember but are “hanging in.”

Jean Kleppinger Langeloh has moved to Boothbay Harbor, ME, specifically to 23D Union Street. Daughter Gail made her a proud grandmother of a little girl, Cleo. Kleppy and her sister recently took a trip to Scandinavia.

MJ Leahey Wilson is in the process of writing another book and sent me the table of contents. Sounds great! In the meantime, she says if any classmates go to France, they should contact her friend, Marie-France de Peyronnet, who is director of the Jacques Coeur tours in the Berry region in central France.

Some sad news from Barbara Arnold Groundwater regarding the death of her husband, Bob, after a nine-month battle with cancer.


Barbara Conlon Bulger
1160 Thomas Rd.
Wayne, PA 19087-1410

Miriam Jackson Curran is still “chuggin’ along” and writing a history column for her local newspaper.


Olga Massimiano Gigante
706 Prince St., #9
Alexandria, VA 22314
Fax: 703-753-0896

It is not going to be easy taking Jan Sharp Adkin’s place as secretary of the class, but I’ll do the best I can. Donna, the fourth of my five daughters—who claims to be “mom’s favorite”—will be my typist. Her fax number is 703-753-0896.

Reunion was a huge success for our class, with 17 women and four husbands attending. At the memorial service, 60 of our classmates were remembered. We had a private showing of the Tang Museum, a wing of which is a gift from our own Susan Rabinowitz Malloy. From the time we arrived to the final fireworks, we felt very special.

Tiger Klaus Donald recently had a long telephone visit with Priscilla Stowe Clements, whose husband, Kirby, died this spring.

Terry Schmidt Sullivan and husband Sully traveled to Seattle in June for a mini-reunion with their four children and six grandchildren. They then went on to San Francisco for Sully’s Navy frogman convention. They still managed to fit in their yearly two weeks in England, August on Martha’s Vineyard, and a September stay at a ranch in Jackson, WY, where they have been going for 35 years. All of this was accomplished despite the fact that Terry had broken her arm in three places!

If Ann Woodward Tinsley can walk 60 miles in three days for breast cancer research, we can all be positive and plan ahead for our next reunion.

It is with sadness that I report the death of Carolyn Mason Seaman in November of last year.


Reunion ’01!

Miriam Blechman Grimes
2166 Pleasant Ave.
Glenside, PA 19038
Fax: 215-886-2877

Barbara Blain Eggleston’s husband, Forrest, was honored last February with the Woodrow Wilson Award for Distinguished Service (Abroad) from Princeton University. Personally, the news isn’t as good. “I am recovering from two emergency abdominal surgeries.”

Connie Seeley Andrews took a boat trip on the Danube in May. In October, she expects to board a cruise ship in Malaga, Spain, for a crossing to Barbados. Obviously, she says, “we like sea voyages.” Connie’s e-mail is


Jane Geibel Morton
3 Springwood Path
Syosset, NY 11791
Fax: 516-424-5455

Bim and Frec Brill Wheeler bought a condo in Flagler Beach, FL. “We spend six months there and six months in the Catskill Mountains,” she says. “We see Jane Drisko Shaw and Armin in Florida as well as in New York. We also see Evy Burns Stewart ’48 and Harold in Florida. Still enjoying golf, tennis, and the beach from November to May.”

Do Dunkel Jerman wrote to thank Skidmore development officer Don Blunk for the gift of a “lucky” Skidmore-imprinted golf ball. She swears it was this ball that led her to come back from four strokes behind to win her golf club championship by one shot!

Sally Meek DeGroff wrote that she and Hal moved to Robin Run Village, a retirement community in Indianapolis. “’Twas arthritis and glaucoma that prompted the move.”

Mary Miller Solari had exciting news. The three Miller girls spent 23 days on safari in Africa, which took them to Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. They witnessed miles of a wildebeest migration, had an elephant stalk their van, had a lion sleep in the shade of their vehicle, and took a sunrise balloon ride over the Serengeti savanna. “Well worth the $150 for required shots,” says Mary.

Since retiring from teaching, Nikki Nicholson Adams has traveled to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, then Central America and Mexico, and later to Scotland for a month. She’s active at the University of Maine’s Gold Leaf Institute for seniors, which is now linked to Elderhostel.

Bobbie Pierce Taylor and Bill went to Bruce and Lea Hart McLean’s 50th anniversary. She keeps in touch with Lynn Robbins Pinkham and Ronnie Hess.

Claire Reese Burrill went to Antarctica and raved about it, saying it beats Alaska and Africa, with those adorable penguins. This year also included a river cruise in Germany and Holland and a visit to England.

Jean Rubenstein Wallace and Emmett just welcomed their 15th grandchild and have been on vacations with all of their families. Jean is busy with a shelter and transitional apartment program for the homeless in Bridgeport. She is also involved with an HIV/AIDS center, the garden club, and their four-town land Ttrust.

Betty-Lee Schmied Danner’s daughter, Dawn, recently remarried. “He had five children,” she says, “so with her little John, they’re a family of eight. This boosts my grandchildren to 12.” Betty-Lee adds that having her oldest granddaughter, who lives in Alaska, graduate from high school really makes her feel old. Betty-Lee is still working four days a week and loving it. Betty-Lee apologies for “neglecting my Skidmore friends the last few years. One of my sons was ill and I was very down.”

Claire Teunon Rich was pleased to have Joyce Kouwenhoven LeRoy and her husband, Art, join in the celebration of her mother’s 100th birthday last December. “My mother, Laura Teunon,” she writes, “is the grandmother of Anne Welling ’70, Catherine Welling Beckman ’73, and John Welling ’76.”

Consie Wingerter Cartmell is celebrating that “ghastly 75th” by going on a gorgeous garden tour of the Channel Islands, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. She requests a mini-reunion on Florida’s East Coast. She winters in Tequesta. Any takers?

Unfortunately, I also have some sad news. Frances Sowles Butler and Agnes Lamkey McCormick both died in the fall of 1998. Frances is the sister-in-law of Mary Keyworth Sowles, both home economics majors. Also, Margaret Ross passed away in March. The class expresses its sympathy to their loved ones.


Esther Anderson Lacey
116 Murray St.
Binghamton, NY 13905

Evelyn Burns Stewart and family attended the graduation of grandson Jason at the Naval Academy at Annapolis. It was a week full of activities and much celebrating.

Another busy gal is Patricia Carson Anderson. Kit is still very active with the Littleton (Colo.) Historical Museum. She also chairs the historical preservation board, which drafts new versions of preservation ordinances, and is restoring and renovating the former county courthouse for use by the city of Littleton. She had a recent fun trip to Sacramento and is now off to Bermuda with her daughter.

Sally Cheney Buell was off to Colorado to visit son David and family, then on to Wisconsin for another family get-together. She is looking forward to meeting her new granddaughter from Vietnam.

The news is not good from Shorty Crouze Chase, who tripped on a broken tile in the TWA terminal and tore her Achilles tendon. They were returning from a marvelous art trip to Italy. But the up side is that she could paint. Even if she couldn’t play golf, she could paint some famous and local golf holes. Now she is working on a show that is primarily animal paintings.

Nancy D’Wolf took a wondrous journey to Antarctica last winter and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Tibby Van Ness Reid’s Sweet Adeline Chorus placed third in a recent competition. Her men’s chorus has a performance scheduled, which keeps her hopping. She took off to the Canadian Rockies during the summer.

Jean Elton Moran continues with her volunteer work of reading with first graders learning English as a second language. She had lunch with Averill Grippen Llewellyn ’49 during a visit to New Orleans, which was fun.

Katherine Hoopes Schmidt encourages classmates to return to Saratoga Springs not just to see Skidmore but also to see Saratoga. She thinks it is elegant.

Best wishes to Mary McConnel, who was married November 16, 1999, to H. Ross Wiant. They live in Haddonfield, NJ, at PO Box 565, and receive e-mail at

Ann Roberts Van Dyck welcomed and did a lot of catching up with Nancy D’Wolf during a nice visit last May.

Jean Schnabel Bailey and Doug found that El Paso had gotten too big so they moved to #19 Gray Addition, Alpine, TX 79830.

Yvonne Scott Waples’s granddaughter graduated from college and her grandson started at Babson College. Her family enjoys their summer home in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Mary Ellen Tompson spent a week in early May visiting with Carol Bassett in her new home in Phoenixville, PA. They had a great time driving over “hill and dale” in Lancaster County, where the scenery was gorgeous.

Midge West Bahlke saw Ken and Sue Lutz Dean several times last winter. They live just 45 minutes away from each other, but the Deans return to Long Island for the summer. Midge and husband Bill also had the chance to celebrate with Bill and Joan Theobold Mitchell on their 50th wedding anniversary in Lexington, NC. Midge and Bill’s summer plans included visiting their children in the New York and Boston areas and at the Birches on Moosehead Lake where their middle daughter’s family lives. Luckily for the traveling Bahlkes, Bill just received his medical renewal for another two years of flying so they can continue to enjoy the airways instead of the highways.

Helen Wigand Bolton and son Richard took a 12-day cruise to the Panama Canal and six other ports on the QE 2. Helen loves cruising and this was her third trip on this ship. She saw Marjorie West Bahlke during a stopover in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

That Libby House gang is at it again! Their annual Mother’s Day reunion was held in Avalon, NJ, with 15 in attendance including six husbands. Mary Jane Baker Macartney, Donna Hornsby Montgomery, Muriel Keema Flood, Elly Kenworthy Spelbrink, Patricia Malmar Almond, Natalie Marks Emil, Barbara Pfeil Bergen, Marie Ryder Riley, and Bernie Warr Williams had lots of bridge, laughing, walks, and naps (for the men).

I had notes from three of our classmates in North Carolina: Martha Bloomberg Beery, Barbara Bender Wood, and Joan Mitchell. Martha writes that she, Jean Domin Knapp, and Verna Dick Stassevitch have been burning the wires planning a trip to California later this year. In the meantime, Jean and she were headed to Santa Fe for the opera season in July. Barbara had a surprise phone call from Harry Horton Obermeyer and her visitor, Motor Morris, that resulted in a great three-way conversation. Barbara recently flew to Colorado to visit her son and his wife. She took a side trip to Santa Fe and had a great visit. Joan and Bill celebrated their 50th and expect to attend the 50th of Shorty and Phil Chase.


Edith Armend Holterman
319 Clarke Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10306

Ed McCallum wrote that his wife, Dottie Belden McCallum, really appreciated the kindness and consideration that we gave her at Reunion. All her children and grandchildren live in Chicago, and the couple spends much time visiting them. Also, the Belden line is in Vermont and Puerto Rico, so they visit these places when they can. Dottie hopes to see us in 2004.

Our president, Martha Dunkel Chilcott, told me that Claire Schreiber Pittman and Charles from Florida visited her in Tucson, AZ. They had extremely high temperatures and Dunk’s air conditioner conked out. They survived with swamp coolers.

Phyl Dye Turner spent two and half weeks in May with her 14 book club members touring Tuscany, Florence, and Rome, Italy. They hiked the Tuscan hill towns, viewed art in Florence, and were in Rome for the Jubilee. In July, her family was going to Ohio for a Dye family reunion. It included the families of Julianne Dye Trenholm ’51 and Eleanor Dye Morgan ’59.

I received an invitation to the 50th anniversary of Marge Fee Neff and Charlie, but was unable to attend.

It was another good year for Marge Heilbronner Becker. While in Florida, she and her husband had dinner with Beulah Schwarcz Edwards and Art, and went to Vero Beach for their annual golf game with Bill and Joan Taylor Brandenburg.

Joining the 50th anniversary celebrations last year were Tom and Elinor Huckle Groff, who enjoyed a family gathering. Unfortunately, Tom passed away on November 22. Elinor’s oldest grandson, the first of her seven grandchildren, was married in July. She recently visited friends in Florida and her oldest daughter in Escondido, CA.

Edith Lange Smith is another 50th anniversary celebrant. She spent hers on a cruise to the Greek islands, Istanbul, Italy, the French Riviera, and Spain. She also went to Amsterdam, England, Hamburg, and Copenhagen in May.

Pat McLeod Leeming retired in 1993. She sold her Virginia Beach house and bought a home in Newport News since she has family close by there. She enjoys spending time with her eight grandchildren, and on weekends she acts as caregiver to an 89-year-old woman. Her new address is 872 Gleneagles Dr., Newport News, VA 23602 (757-877-5407). She would love the company of anybody heading for Busch Gardens or Williamsburg.

“Enjoyed meeting Jamie Studley at a luncheon in Vero Beach, FL, where we live for seven months,” says Ellie Polk Parrot. With the exception of contact with Betsy Bell Condron, Marge Johnson Joerger, and Claire Zimmerman Macfarlane, Ellie had been out of touch. Thus, she found it fun to catch up as she sat next to Claire Schreiber Pittman.

Al and Claire Sippil Tyser celebrated their 5oth on a Caribbean cruise with their two daughters and two grandchildren. Claire regrets missing Reunion, but they were on a cruise to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Denmark.

Ellen Turner Odegaard had the most devastating ice storm in late March in Georgia. Many trees fell around her but luckily they just created a big mess with no real damage. At least, she says, it was followed up by the most beautiful spring in her part of the South. She and John headed west in April to visit family members.

Joyce Watkins Bates moved in 1998 from the San Francisco Bay area to LaConner, WA, “a lush and beautiful place with fantastic caring people.” She has four children and six grandchildren who come to visit her often. Phyllis Harder Reininger and husband Dick have also been to visit.

Virginia White Blakemore moved from Cloverbrook, NY, to Albuquerque, NM. She calls it the “land of enchantment” and has joined the many artists there. She remarried in December, five years after the death of her second husband.

Al and I celebrated our 50th in June. I invited Skidmore friends who were with us in 1950 but only Lee Cunningham Wood and Chuck got there. We had 150 people at the clubhouse here at the beach. We mimicked 1950 by having spumoni with our wine, beer, champagne, and hors d’oeuvres.


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