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Fall 2001

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Reunion ’02!

Helen Cole Netter

Helen Reinhard Illingworth lives in East Harwich, Cape Cod, and would love to have visitors anytime.

Angelyn Lawrence Kerley writes with sad news: her husband of 55 years, Stephen, passed away in March.


Marjorie Yetter Walls

Marjorie Moore Smith is happy that she is able to live in her home in Sayville, NY. Although Marge has given up driving, she still manages to be fairly active.

Katharine Nichols Winslow is in good health and lives in a retirement community, where she has her own apartment but can take her meals in a community dining room.

Marjorie Yetter Walls has received the Sterling Award, given annually by the Auxiliary Women’s Board at Binghamton General Hospital, for her outstanding contributions as a volunteer. Marge has been a member of the Auxiliary Women’s Board for many years, serving as treasurer and gift shop staffer. A very young 90, she continues to work in the hospital coffee shop and serve as board historian.

The class is deeply saddened by the loss of Constance Roy Lantz, Florence Hough Willetts, Janet Miller Robinson, and Isabel Steidinger Smith. They will all forever remain in our memories.


Sarah Miller Curtin

Priscilla Bodman Rodgers has sad news: her husband of 67 years, Jack, died in March 2000.


Elizabeth Norlander Newell

For the last four years, I have been conducting a six-week workshop called “Write Your Memories” for the Holden Senior Center. Its popularity generated interest among several other organizations, resulting in an abbreviated version of the program this past summer for members of an Albanian Orthodox Church senior apartment complex, many of whom had compelling stories to record.

Beth Twiggar Goff, author of Understanding Backwards, worked with me putting together a class history for our 65th reunion.

Martina Hoff Dudgeon moved from a house in Manhasset, NY, to a condo in Garden City, a distance of just eight miles.

We are saddened by the death of Dorothy Joggerst Ingalls and will remember Dottie’s genuine love of people, especially children, and her continual concern for the welfare of those less fortunate. She was a person who did indeed make a difference.


Enid Kay Schiff

Bounce Ball Woodbridge and her husband, Ross, enjoy living in a “lovely” retirement home in Sarasota, FL, where they stay active with plenty of community activities.


Reunion ’02!

Agnes Dunn Mackenzie

Jane Zabriskie Bogert counts herself among “the hardy souls who are still climbing the golden years.”


Betty Hale Hale

After successfully completing hospice training this spring, Jeanne Battey Thompson spent July working as a senior counselor at Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Ranch in the Adirondacks, a place that offers children with cancer a genuine vacation experience.

Beatrice Lichter Korn continues to tutor for the Palm Beach County Literacy Program, which she finds “very rewarding.” Although she can no longer golf, she stays fit by walking.

Saddened by the death of Babette Judson Egger, we extend our sympathy to her daughter, Elizabeth, and sons Thomas, John, Nicholas, and Ronald.


Betty Jones Stern

Polly North Cogswell, Eleanor MacKenzie Healy, and Lee Blanchard Hotchkiss are “still eating mussels and ready for anything.”

Esther Robinson Johnston and husband Al spent January and February in Sarasota, FL, playing golf and seeing old friends.


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