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Fall 2001

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Highlights of faculty and staff activities

     Alice Dean, mathematics, has been promoted to full professor.

     Gove Effinger, mathematics, has been promoted to full professor.

     Hugh Foley, psychology, has been promoted to full professor.

     Roy Ginsburg, government, is the author of The European Union in International Politics: Baptism by Fire. The introduction is by former U.S. Treasury deputy secretary and European Union ambassador Stuart Eizenstat.

     Catherine Golden, English, has been promoted to full professor. She is the coauthor of “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Victims, Villains, and Vigilantes in Gilman’s Detective Novel” in the spring-summer 2001 issue of A Journal of Detection.

     Mark Huibregtse, mathematics, is the author of “A Description of Certain Affine Open Subschemes that Form an Open Covering of Hilb” to be published in Pacific Journal of Mathematics.

     Penny Howell Jolly, art history, has been named Kenan Professor of Liberal Arts. She succeeds musicologist Charles M. Joseph, who was the first holder of the rotating Kenan Professorship. A Skidmore faculty member since 1976, Jolly specializes in medieval and Renaissance art history.

     William Jones, college relations, was the workshop chair for the annual workshop of the Eastern College Athletic Conference’s Sports Information Directors Association, held in Saratoga Springs. College sports publicists from all three NCAA divisions attended the conference. Jones was honored at the ECAC-SIDA ESPN awards dinner for serving as the ECAC-SIDA president.

     Charles M. Joseph, music and associate dean of the faculty, is the author of Stravinsky Inside Out, published by Yale University Press in September.

     David Karp, sociology, is the author of “Harm and Repair: Observing Restorative Justice in Vermont,” to be published in Justice Quarterly. He presented a paper at the annual conference of the New York Association of Alternative Sentencing Programs and the New York Association of Pre-Trial Service Agencies in May. Also in May, Karp and Matthew Ufford ’02 spoke about campus restorative justice at the annual meeting of the Justice Studies Association at Wheaton (Mass.) College.

     Bernard Kastory, management and business, succeeds William Edwards as Skidmore’s F. William Harder Professor of Business Administration. Kastory, a businessman for thirty years, recently served as senior vice president for finance and administration and director of Asian and Latin American operations for Bestfoods. He has worked with students at the University of Illinois and Northwestern business schools.

     Reginald Lilly, philosophy, served as co-director in July of the International Phenomenological Symposium in Perugia, Italy, where he also delivered a paper titled “The Topology of Disparates.”

     Patricia Rubio, Spanish, has been promoted to full professor.

     Robert Shorb, student aid and family finance, is the new president of the Eastern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. As regional president, he sits on the national association’s board of directors.

     Joel Smith, philosophy, presented a workshop in June on Kierkegaard and Buddhism at the annual Kierkegaard conference at St. Olaf College.

     Sheldon Solomon, psychology, had an invitation to meet with the prime minister of Belize in September to discuss how examining human motivations might help promote peace. The meeting was the result of a letter sent by Solomon and human rights activist Greg Bennick to every world leader. Representatives from Ecuador, Israel, and Croatia have also expressed interest.

     Steve Stern, English, has been promoted to full professor.

     Jamienne S. Studley, president, and Keith Kirshner ’03, president of the Student Government Association, co-authored an essay on college responses to student drinking. The piece appeared on the opinion page of the Albany Times-Union on August 26.

     Gordon Thompson, music, has had an article published in Beatlestudies3: Proceedings of the Beatles 2000 Conference. Titled “Let Me Take You Down. . . to the Subdominant: Tools of the Establishment and Revealing the Establishment,” it outlines changes in John Lennon’s “Strawberry Fields Forever” from his original sketches to the final edit.

     New department chairs and program directors for 2001-02: Asian studies, Mao Chen; economics, Sandy Baum; education, Susan Lehr; English, Terence Diggory; government, Ronald Seyb; history, Tadahisa Kuroda; law and society, Beau Breslin; Liberal Studies 1, Michael Marx; psychology, Mary Ann Foley.


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