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Fall 2002

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Helen Cole Netter


Reunion ’03!

Marjorie Yetter Walls

Alice Hand Kelly doesn’t travel much any more, but she enjoys sewing and stays in contact with family—including her four children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Eleanor Searle Wurzburger is happy to be able to maintain her home, drive, and continue with volunteer work at church and the regional library.

Janet Freeman Gilmartin lives in a retirement home in Naples, FL, and enjoys the companionship of older sister Eleanor, who lives nearby. Janet celebrated her 90th birthday with family—including her son, daughter, and five grandchildren.


Lucy Hernady Arnoti

Condolences to the family, friends, and classmates of Sarah Miller Curtin, longtime class secretary and former class president, who died in March. She will be greatly missed.

I am taking on the role of class secretary, one that Sally performed so faithfully and well, hoping that you will stay in touch with me and thus one another.


Elizabeth Norlander Newell

Mary “Wink” VanWickle Derby
died in April. She was an accomplished athlete and a good storyteller; we will remember her hearty laugh and open personality.


Enid Kay Schiff


Agnes Dunn Mackenzie

I am no longer able to continue as class secretary, due to deteriorating eyesight. I have enjoyed my tenure but hope that one of you might take over as class news gatherer. If interested, please contact Mary Monigan at the Office of Alumni Affairs.


Reunion ’03!

Betty Hale Hale


Betty Jones Stern

With the help of her sons, Jane Meagher Donovan sold her home of over 50 years. Now residing in her own apartment in an independent living facility, she enjoys daily aerobic exercises and other activities. Her new address is 112 Summerfield Village Lane, Syracuse, NY 13215-1945.

Ruth Jones Lindsay feels lucky that she can still drive as well as care for her house, grounds, dog, and two cats. She adds, “I’m studying political science by way of CNN and exercising my brain with crossword puzzles.”

Astute readers will recall the “poll” I initiated (winter 2002 Scope) concerning the Sergei Rachmaninoff concert during which the famed pianist chastised the knitters’ “clacking needles”… Gertrude Congress Fergerson ’37 remembered audience members politely tapping their feet, and that Rachmaninoff, sensing what they were waiting for, smiled and played his famous Prelude in C-sharp Minor. Trudy, a music major, plays for nursing homes, senior centers, and a dinner theater group. Vicky Kasen Herman recalls that we were all dressed up in evening clothes and that after some encores we kept clapping—whereupon Rachmaninoff said, “Do you want me to play my Prelude?” And then there was a lot more clapping.

A junior-year transfer student, Laurine Southard Lancaster missed the Rachmaninoff concert. But she does recall a concert by pianist Josef Hofmann, “who wouldn’t resume playing until whoever was eating an apple (loudly) stopped.”

Our peripatetic class president, Edith Cosgrove, enjoyed a two-week spring drive through North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. She was thrilled to see one of the majestic elk being reintroduced into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Marge Kirk, who died in May, lived life by the same “can do” motto with which she played every game. Classmates will remember her ability in all sports, her leadership as class president, her collection of lost golf balls, and her love of driving her car, cookies from home, and most of all, Skidmore.

Emily Pattison Dodge died in April. Present at our 60th reunion, Emy will be remembered for her cheerful personality and quiet sense of humor.


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