Scope Quiz: Who, what, when?
Dunce caps? As if the “baby bibs” weren’t enough? What are these freshmen doing, what’s the occasion, and who’s their audience? Did you ever participate in anything similar?
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            From last time Fall Quiz 2001
Bathtub derby? Fred Goldstein ’75 recalls the “very limited” rules of the Braim’s Pond water derbies: “Cheating was required. Of course, a rule that requires cheating tends to contradict itself, but that was the spirit of the derbies. We were not into competitive sports—or excessive sobriety, for that matter. The derby was something fun and creative to do after the ice had melted and before finals.”
     Joel Keener ’76 says the event was “inspired by the art program and ‘captained’ by Professor John Cunningham. We made the watercraft from nonboating materials, so many sank on launch, while a few made it all the way across the pond and back. It was a blast.”
     By the way, Kathy Bradley Donohue ’86 is “pretty sure” that’s John O’Toole ’84 paddling in the foreground; but Adele Einhorn ’80 is guessing it’s Andrew Philbrick ’80, and Matt Rosen ’76 recognizes him as Doug McKelway ’77. Will the real mystery man please stand up?