Scope Quiz: Who, what, when?
Mail call! Do you remember this mailroom at Skidmore? Where was it, and when was this photograph taken? What kinds of mail did you receive as a student?
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            From last time Fall Quiz 2001
Equestrian portraiture?
Martha Smith Tuchscherer ’67 was one of many students who encountered their first live-model art classes at Skidmore. In her case, she recounts: “At the beginning of my sophomore year, in Mr. Davidson’s life-drawing class, there was a male model I remember distinctly. As the only child of a single mother, I had no idea what the snarky-looking white garment was that covered his genitals. Sometime after the class I got my courage up to ask a classmate and learned the answer: a jock-strap!” Tuchscherer also recalls, “Lena Spencer, from Saratoga’s Caffè Lena, was another model for the class. She told us that she had once modeled for Giacometti, and she was pleased to tell us how much he liked the shape of her neck. We were very impressed with her relationship with an artist so famous, but I’m sure we didn’t appreciate her significance in the burgeoning folk-music world.”