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High-tech stovepipe? With binoculars attached? What is this hulking apparatus? And who are the people inspecting it? If you know the answer, tell us the story at 518-580-5747,, or Scope c/o Skidmore College. We’ll report answers, and run a new quiz, in the upcoming Scope.


Backstage flurry: “I am the one with the bandanna,” writes Lucy Hernady Arnoti ’34. The scene was the “makeup room” of the Little Theater on Regent Street. The photo’s archive label reads “interclass plays, December 1930,” but Arnoti recalls it as 1932, and IDs some classmates: “In the rear in the coat is Ellen ‘Billie’ Luneborg talking to Gladys Weeks. Behind her is Bert Dauernheim helping Elizabeth ‘Ricky’ Goodrich.”

For Marian Thier (Cookie Rapoport) ’61, “a real pang arose in my heart and stomach when I saw the picture. I remember the theater well, and the many hours I spent there. The last time I talked to my father before he died was on the phone in that dressing/makeup room.”

Dotsie Slosson Erskine ’48 also remembers the theater well. As a drama major, she says, “I acted in a few productions (though my abilities were better used backstage), stage-managed many, ran the lighting for a few, and directed James Barrie’s Alice Sit by the Fire in my senior year."