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On the cover: Study abroad is a journey of cultural (and self) discovery. Illustration by Brad Yeo


On the way to class, in late-autumn Saratoga


Navigating cultures
Venturing across cultures can be nerve-racking, but Skiddies aren't staying home

Staff of life
Meet the staff that students lean on every day


Skidmore quiz:
Who, what, when?


Films, shows, forums, and celebrations will mark the Tang Museum’s fifth anniversary this year. From family fun and pop art, to war-recruitment posters and debates about public art, there’s something for everyone, October through April.

Liberal bias at the lectern? Conservative arguments over the lunch tray? What role do politics play on college campuses lately, and how is Skidmore coping with the issues and tensions of the day? For answers, see the next Scope, coming in January.