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Twining upward

“New Ivy” is how Skidmore is described in this year’s Kaplan/Newsweek guide to colleges. The guide cited twenty-five schools whose strengthened academic programs, and resulting popularity among high-scoring students, put them on a virtual par with the venerable institutions of the Ivy League. Among the other “new Ivies” are Rensselaer Polytechnic, Boston College, Tufts, New York University, Vanderbilt, Rice, and Pomona. The designations were based on admissions statistics and interviews with administrators, students, faculty, and alumni. Click here for more.

Skidmore’s freshman cohort, the Class of 2010, is a case in point. Applications spurted upward, reaching a new record, and the acceptance rate cracked a historic mark too, dropping below 40 percent. The well-chosen new class also builds on recent trends toward expanding diversity, with more students of color and broader geographic scope. Those ivy tendrils just keep growing… —SR

Applications: 6,657
Accepted: 39%
Yield: 26%
Enrolled: 674
Enrolled by Early Decision: 37%
Students of color: 19%
Male/female: 42%/58%
Receiving Skidmore aid: 40%
Median SAT scores
(math + verbal): 1250
Median SATs
(math + verbal + writing): 1890
Geography: 38 states, 19 countries