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campus scene

Ecotrading in nature's marketplace
Ants and plants as model mutualists
Writer's workshop offers total immersion
Summer institute is finely focused
Hands-on help in Africa Students undertake Projects for Peace
Flocking to Skidmore Admissions: thumbs up; USNews beauty pageant: thumbs down
On exhibit Now at Skidmore's Tang Museum

On exhibit

Now at Skidmore’s Tang Museum:

Stripes, through December 30. Bold yet shifty, stripes have been a marker of transgression; people who operate outside the norms of society, like prisoners or clowns, often wear (or are depicted as wearing) stripes. Yet stripes may represent authority: generals mark their power in bars on a sleeve, and a thin striped beam at a railroad crossing signals impenetrability. From crosswalks to beach umbrellas, stripes are a visual language that can conjure contradictory meanings and emotions. This exhibition, organized by Tang curatorial assistant Ginny Kollak, features work—such
as Lorna Mills’s Bletchingly, Infomint, and Lucky Hubble (at right)—by a select group of contemporary artists who investigate the visual and psychological tensions that the pattern can provoke.

Atmospherics/Weather Works, through December 30. By translating a meteorological model of Hurricane Bob (1991) into sound, Andrea Polli reveals rhythms within seeming chaos. Her turbulent composition, originally created for the Engine 27 gallery in New York City, has been remastered for the Tang's “Elevator Music” series.

Molecules That Matter, through April 13. Exploring ten organic compounds—such as nylon, DDT, and Prozac—that have reshaped our lives, attitudes, and culture, the show is curated by Tang director John Weber, chemistry professor Ray Giguere, and assistant Kristen Carbone ’03, in partnership with the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

Get updates and details. Call 518-580-8080 or visit the Tang online.