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Do Dunkel Jerman

I had advance notice that Sylvia Watkins Allen, Loraine Friberg Granai, and Loraine’s sister-in-law, Merilyn Fayen Friberg, all from Barre, VT, could not attend Reunion due to various health reasons. I told Sylvia that we missed seeing the trio in their famed T-shirts, emblazoned with the words “We are the Barre Girls.”

Fellow Vermonter Sibyl Kirby came to Reunion from her home in Rutland, along with Westminster resident Judy Gellert Berkley.

Janie Tabor Bristol is recovering slowly but surely from her latest spell. Her walking has slowed down, and she tires easily. It helps to have her daughter living nearby in Virginia Beach, VA.
Blackie Drisko Shaw was traveling in Italy during Reunion in June. She has seven great-grandchildren.

After many winters in New England, Joyce Nathan LeVine and husband Walter love the weather in California, though Joyce admits she misses the East Coast on occasion.

Doris Spector Rome’s grandson David has applied to Skidmore for the class of 2012! Doris winters in Florida and lives in Lake George, NY, for the summer months.

We send condolences to Marjorie Lehmann Moats, whose 55-year-old son, Derek, passed away in June.

I have to confess I was a bit disappointed that many of our regular Reunion attendees did not show for various reasons, such as transportation problems, high-school graduations, new babies, and trips with grandkids. But having 29 80-year-olds show up wasn’t too bad! I especially thank the six couples for coming. It was nice to have the men on hand for our celebration.