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Carolyn Brown Straker

Nancy Rae Scully was in Bonn, Germany, with her son and daughter-in-law for a wedding. They stayed in a castle and cruised the Rhine; she says it was right out of a storybook. Nancy, who found a recent birthday celebration daunting on many levels, sends cheers and best wishes to all the class. She wonders if we should plan another reunion in NYC? Well, New Yorkers and others, how about it?

In June Joey Haufler Rosenthal spent three days at the Norwich Inn & Spa in Connecticut with 11 of our Skidmore classmates who are turning 70 this year. She says it was a very special time, with many laughs, hugs, much talk, and, at the end, even a few tears. Joey organized it, and Sue Collard Fanning found the spot. The other participants were Pamela Bartholomew Armstrong, Ginger Clark Keare, Mary Heep Van Riper, Joan Greenfield Axelrod, Joan Narcus Greenberger, Sue Finkelstein Pucker, Nonnye Landers Wheeler, Jane Knight Hence, and Sally Rogers Falcone. Says Joey, “I think we all looked fabulous—certainly not our age. The staff at the spa thought so too.”

Sheila DeNadal Salvo’s first grandchild has graduated from high school. Sheila and her husband spent the winter months in Florida.

Our speedy and on-the-ball reunion chair Evy Zoda Shippee is already planning our next big get-together… dare I say our 50th?! After the success of the Haufler Spa Group, Evy is thinking of adding an extra day for a dinner cruise on Lake George on Thursday and a spa day on Friday. Most people come to Reunion on Friday, but, says Evy, “At our age, I think the extra day is doable and might be nice.” P.S. Evy wants everyone to be clear that the 2009 reunion is not on Memorial Day weekend; it’s the following weekend—so, no conflict!

A piece of sad news from Anna Wakefield Milano: In April her husband, Joe, was hit by a van while he was walking and passed away a few days later. Writes Ann, “My friends and children are keeping me going, and I miss him so much.” The class sends its condolences.

Cynthia Green Kohl made a trip to England, visiting London and the Isle of Wight with daughter Linda. This was Ann’s third trip to London (the first was with the Skidmore Chorus in 1958). One treat was visiting a cousin who first invited her to visit in Cowes, Isle of Wight, 30 years ago. The Isle is famous for its yacht racing.

Sue Clark Jorgensen loves living in Saratoga (her daughter lives there too and is married to the district attorney). “It is such a fun place to live, and there are many Skidmore-Saratoga ventures.” For example, Sue says, “I just went to a fascinating presentation at the Saratoga Public Library by
Heather Moore ’08 and Prof. Robert Jones, who had collaborated on a book called The Architect of Necessity: Skidmore’s First Home in Downtown Saratoga. It contains photos and a brief history of buildings, plus photos of our classmates (sipping tea in Skidmore Hall among others). The book can be purchased through the Skidmore Shop for $20 plus $4.99 shipping; call 518-580-5491 to order.

Marilyn Ramshaw Adair enjoyed five weeks in Australia and New Zealand and was planning a camping trip, with the grandchildren, in the Adirondacks this summer.

Sue Gosch Martineau and husband made a trip through Provence with Skidmore pal Susie Walton Divine ’60 and husband. Sue says, “We finished up in Geneva and were hosted delightfully by Beth Oliver Linguri and family.”

Gail Lichtenstein Edelman recently moved from Florida’s east coast to its west coast, to be closer to her only grandchild, Cole. Joan Cangelosi Kicska, Jane Haddad Evans, and I met up with Gail in Sarasota for a four-day reunion. We all had a great time and enjoyed the Skidmore connection.