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Nancy McNiff

Retired from the Navy for over 10 years, former senior policy analyst Judy Costello Brinckerhoff is a school nurse for the Kingsbury Day School, a K–12 school for children with learning disabilities in Washington, DC. She loves the challenge. Her daughter, a freshman at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, lives in a dorm on Lexington and 23rd. The living situation brings back memories of Fahnestock Hall in lower Manhattan, where Judy and other nursing students lived for two years. She notes, “Now I understand how my mother felt!”

Liz Craig-Olins teaches English at Newton North High School in Newton, MA. Daughter Heather is a science teacher in Dallas, TX. Son Jake ’10 is a Skidmore sophomore!

Becky Gummere Hall is a library media specialist serving pre-K to 5th-graders at St. Mark’s School in Salt Lake City, UT. Her second children’s book, Morris + Buddy, the story of the first Seeing Eye dog, will be published this spring. Becky is working on a counting book related to life in Utah.

Bobbsie Hertz Rifkin and husband David became first-time grandparents in 2006 when daughter Laura delivered a baby girl.

Christine Spahn Howland’s husband, Daniel, retired from Philip Morris. Christine continues to sell real estate in Richmond, VA. Daughter Elizabeth is an RN at the Medical College of Virginia, and daughter Sara is a human-resources specialist for the Supreme Court of Virginia. The Howlands have two wonderful grandchildren, a boy and a girl.