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Anne Chorske Stuzin

Dave Silveira’s daughter Bailey was born June 4. Dave reports, “So far, my 43-year-old body and psyche have proven remarkably resilient to the effects of sleep deprivation.” Dave is currently pursuing West Coast projects for his branding company Ad of Your Mind. His girlfriend, Lisa, works at Sactown magazine. They live in Carmichael, CA.

Terence Robinson and his son Terence Jr. moved from Teaneck, NJ, to Houston, TX, this summer to transfer to US Concrete corporate headquarters. He stays in touch with James Moynihan ’87, his wife Karen, and their daughters Johanna, Katy, and Samantha. Terence caught up with new dad Rodney Brister ’87 and his wife recently. He also stays in touch with David Banister ’87, Julie Mardin ’87, new mom Millie Eng-Martinez ’87, and Michele Leslie Ysegare ’87—all of whom have gotten together in and around NYC for the past 20 years.