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Cynthia Urick Stickles

Karen Soltys Quinn reconnected with a classmate in “a most random, roundabout way” when a fire destroyed the Quinn family kitchen in their home in Bethesda, MD, last year. While planning a home renovation project, Karen fell in love with a kitchen featured in an issue of Renovation Style magazine. She suddenly realized the homeowner pictured was Elizabeth Serino Tanny. They had been friends at Skidmore, and on Nantucket, but had not seen each other in many years. They have communicated extensively (mostly about faucets and such, but also reminiscing about life in Saratoga in the late 1980s) ever since. Then, unplanned, they bumped into each other in Florida this past April. Karen also keeps in contact with Jeanne-Marie Perry Hudson and her family, and Leigh Entman Stulberger and her family.

Jesse Stovin lives in the town of Hamburg, NJ, with wife Melanie and 3-year-old twins Aidan and Helaina. Jesse runs the Schillinger Group, an education consulting firm that provides professional development to schools, primarily in urban areas. With 20 clients in eight states, he gets to telecommute, for which he is “eternally grateful.” He recently completed a JD from Rutgers Law School, which he expects will benefit growing his business. He welcomes e-mail at

Kristin Gable Currey graduated as a registered nurse in May and loves her new job at Newport Hospital in Rhode Island. Her boys, ages 4, 6, and 7, are very active. Her husband is a paramedic and firefighter on Cape Cod. Kristin participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Boston last spring. She welcomes e-mail at

Elizabeth Ross’s business,, has recently become an Authorized Yahoo! Small Business Partner. Her son, Tommy, 4, is having a blast in preschool. He also appeared on national TV in February, on CBS’s Early Show.

Susan Anrig Lichten and husband Rob have been busy settling into their new home in Armonk, NY, with children Alexandria, 9, Kaila, 7, Analise, 4, and Robert, 2.

Kimberly Davis sends greetings from Seattle, WA, and welcomes Skidmore friends traveling west get in touch with her at