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Keirnan Conroy Klosek

Carol Murphy-Huban and husband Yorden are busy as ever. Son Christopher is 4, and daughter Erin is 2. Carol’s brother Michael Murphy ’91 moved to Orlando with his wife Rosa and son Michael, 1. Now Carol and family have somewhere warm to visit during the cold winter months. She stays in touch with Joel Cavotta and Nancy Levenson, who live together in California.

Emily Herman lives happily in northern California. She is married and runs a household that includes goats, chickens, cats, and one old dog.

Garth Altenburg and wife Heather welcomed daughter Phoebe in June 2006; she joins brothers Will, 4, and Ben, 2.

Joni Guenette-Sweener lives with her husband and sons Cam, 8, and Trevor, 6, in the Berkshires. Joni is an administrative assistant and serves as PTA president at the boys’ school. She sends congratulations to Laura Lambert-Smith and husband Darrin on the birth of their baby girl in November 2006.

Miranda Bailey is an actress and producer of feature films in Los Angeles. Her production company, Ambush Entertainment, just released The Oh in Ohio. Other films include The Squid and the Whale and Dad and Breakfast. Miranda is married to Lexy Labovich and lives in Hollywood. She regularly sees Elizabeth McGann, Betsy Shiffman, John Sloan ’96, Jon Jacobs ’96, Marc Lesser ’96, and Naomi Talma Odes ’94.

Mike Chapman lives in Santa Fe, NM, with wife Holly and their son Charlie, who was born in August 2006.