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Janine Renée Geller

Laurent Pelletier and Jackie Strebel were married June 16 in Pacific Beach, CA, in a small bayside wedding with family and friends. Annica Larsen and fiancé Chris Werner were in attendance. Laurent is a 10th-grade English teacher at Sweetwater High School in National City; Jackie is a nurse practitioner at San Diego Children’s Hospital.

Aili Palmunen and Rusty Lewis ’00 were married in Berlin, CT, earlier this year. Jennifer Cummings Hillery ’00 and Deb Siegel were bridesmaids, and Zander Baron ’02 and Wes Goldstone ’02 were groomsmen. Also in attendance were Gaylord Valenti, Frank Valenti, Jeremy Sigel ’99, and Andrea Glasier ’02. The newlyweds live in Rochester, NY.

Rebekah Grossman relocated to Miami to run a youth program and summer camp. She desperately misses NYC but feels lucky to have had the opportunity.

Melissa Arentshorst married Erik Dreisbach in June 2006 in Saratoga Springs. Alums in attendance were Ruth Battaglia, Katherine Manning Eastwick-Haskell, Rob Eastwick-Haskell, Sarah Resig Gaw ’00, Lisa Steres ’00, and Katie Bonazinga ’02. Other guests from Skidmore included Carol Spring, Patty Han, and Deborah Rohr.