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Craig Hyland

Kaitlin Morton-Ranney and Dan Bentley ’07 were married June 2 in Jamestown, RI. Skidmore’s chaplain Rev. Stephen Murray performed the ceremony. Sebastien LeMenager ’06 was a groomsman. In attendance were Sarah Henry, Bill Ziese, Joanna Caliman, Kristen Helmstetter, Amanda Russo ’06, Liz Andel ’06, Andrew Heitner ’07, Jeff Vickers ’07, Leigh Siegwarth ’07, Jess Neilson ’07, Devin Sugameli ’08, Alex Wersen ’08, and American studies professor Greg Pfitzer.

Mark Ritorto married Hannah Chapple ’06 in Ionia, NY, on June 7. The wedding party included Jesse Berkowitz, Rebecca Blum, Nicholas Cavaliere ’01, Mike Godlewski, Eliza Hatch ’06, Craig Hyland, Robin Lehman ’06, Kris McCullough, Katherine Rankin ’06, Matt Rivers, Mike Rivers, Max Ruby, Chris Twombly, Libi Weymouth Garcia, and Steve Yaeger. Also in attendance were Katie Largo ’06, Caitlyn Slovacek ’06, Marc Miller, Christina McHugh, and Chris McVey ’06.

Libi Weymouth married Christian Garcia in February 2006 in Mechanics Hall, a newly renovated symphony hall in Worcester, MA. Skiddies on hand were Mark Ritorto, Rebecca Blum, Kathleen Simko ’06, Hannah Chapple ’06, Katherine Rankin ’06, Marc Miller ’06, Eliza Hatch ’06, Katelyn Kennedy ’06, and Robin Lehman ’06.

Michelle Bernstein is a graduate student in nursing at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles. She loved her clinical rotation at the city’s Children’s Hospital and plans to go into pediatrics.

Joan Hodges returned from the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan with an infinite respect for clean water, green vegetables, and all things Uzbek. She taught English to refugees and asylees at a local city college in Baltimore, MD, this past summer. She is now in Pakistan, working with the Kaghan Valley Memorial Trust, an educational NGO created in the wake of the 2005 earthquake. Joanie will be in the Northwest Frontier as part of a group recruited to open and operate a school in the town of Balakot. Stateside, Joan enjoys running half-marathons with Rachael Beard and Anna Markowitz—and showering regularly.

Llora Jean Negro is happy to report that she graduated from the University of South Carolina with a master’s in social work.